02 June, 2020



Toney Etido                (Senior Staff Writer)

The opera news hub is a revolutionary concept that came up as a result of the democratization of information and the citizen marketer era of today’s information age that gives everyone the right and opportunity to be a publisher. An era that gives everyone power to say what they want to say about anyone, anything, in anyplace, the way they choose to say it and be heard all over. Its intention is super, and like the international brand that she is with set goals to achieve in content creation, I make well to say that if Opera don’t fire OPAY from whatever partnership they have that makes her (opay) the only qualified account to be used to open an account with opera news hub, opay would be the cloak on the wheel of opera achieving her objective in Nigeria. Opay has gone to hijack the opportunity opera offers citizens to share in online advertising through creation and sharing of contents, by insisting one must have and used only opay account to open an account on the news hub. Well having the account on opay is not the problem; the problem is that it is absolutely impossible to open the expected account on opay, that is even after wasting one’s data to download the stupid inactive app. You download the app, it is not working, you drop them a complain on twitter, facebook messenger and anywhere you can contact them, and they don’t respond. THEM WAN CARRY OUR NAIJA STYLE OF INCOMPETENCE COME CORRUPT AN INTERNATIONAL BRAND LIKE OPERA

Opay I believe is a Nigerian company, and in Nigeria, like in INEC, NNPC, NFA, and every other national business and other public established engagements, deliberate incompetency is the tool frequently used by government operators to circumvent and hinder all inclusion and access to the wealth of the land by everyone. Opay, I want to believe is the brain child business of one of these sons or daughters of these criminal politicians and public office holders that might have perpetrated incompetence as a weapon in the system to make access of funds possible to their wards and cronies to fund this stupid and none working idea as a business, which often give them the impetus to come to public space, as seen by El-Rufai’s son and the Arewa Twitter twits that trended recently during sallah to masturbate and dance on people’s grave with ill-gotten wealth. Opera should disassociate her relationship with Opay immediately. Opay is playing a script of gagging the people by hijacking the agreement with opera news and not allowing people the opportunity to be published.

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