04 June, 2020


"This is what we, you people should be writing about for the world to know the type of man this man is" 

Toney Etido                            (Senior Staff Writer)

It was sometimes late December, last year, 2019, before Christmas, a little over five months ago and not six yet, that Sunday, after church service. As the chronic and senior bachelor that I am, I was calculating on what should passed for lunch without much stress, when the phone rang, and on the other side of the exchange, an information and directive to turned up for a get together parley with one top shot at Ewet Housing, whom I never really knew who he was, nor took the time to asked again from the informer, if the fellow really deserved my time at a command like that rolled in. But never the less, holding the fellow relating the info in very high esteem, I ranged up my camera man and we grasped our equipment and boom, we were at the home of the late director of finance, Niger Delta development Commission (NDDC). And after a while, the man came out, so simple and unassuming, while the police and other details started running helter skater, forming busy, but really doing nothing.

The late Director started simply by introducing his tribe first instead of his name and the reason he called for the get together parley. “I’m an Ibibio man, and I want to urge you people to please start putting out something positive and true about this one man, our brother, who has done so much for us but hated because of his futuristic and a departure from the former style of leadership approach preferred by some few powerful people in the state. They preferred the status quo of conservatism and keeping our youths down. This man is being maligned, they are looking for means by all means to paint him bad, disgraced him and, maybe even hanged him before they would be satisfy”, late Elder Etang revealed.

The late Etang got so emotional, and almost cried, trying to informed the parley how former Governor, and current Minister of the Niger Delta Affairs, HE, Sen. Dr. Godswil Akpabio is being misunderstood and hated by a section of a tribe, Ibibio, a tribe he revealed he is one of them. The late director who passed on on the 28th, May, last week, tried letting us into the developmental “craving person” of Akpabio, which the press should be dwelling on instead of the negatives trying to pitch him against others and the system. “It is not because I am the Executive Director of Finance at the NDDC, which Obong-owo facilitated for me, it is about what is true of a man who love Akwa Ibom, the people of Akwa Ibom, Niger Delta and the Unity of Nigeria. It is about a man, who thinks, talks and seek ways to bring development and build bridge across at every time of his life and what dominates his conversation, this is the aspect of this great man, whom we are lucky to have as an Akwa ibomite that we, you people should be writing about to counter the lies and the many malicious contents they are circulating out there against him”, The late Director admonished the gathering that turned up for the parley.

“I’m for the truth. When they realized I wasn’t going along, they came here, they sent people to my house to come and pacify me to join them. But I sat down and try to project what that would mean, joining the band wagons of liars, to join a gang up against a man that mean well even in his Flores. I would have been the one to benefit, it was at a time everything was crumbling, I really needed a lifeline, but I knew it wasn’t the kind of life line I wanted. Patapata the highest would be a Federal or State House ticket, and maybe ten million naira. But what is that, if you remember that one day we would all give account of all our deeds, whether for good or bad? But now nko?”, Elder Ibanga Etang enquired.

Now nko??? Now the man is death, and his death has instead added up to the same mischievous trade of some few scrupulous elements that gave him concern before his demise. People whipping up undue sentiments, exploiting and misinterpreting events with the end objective of painting others bad to discredit them instead of working for their own credibility, just like the insinuations in some quarters; a certain group of persons allaying that Elder Ibanga Etang’s death is as a result of some cover up at the NDDC as a result of the ongoing probe of the commission by the National assembly. A certain lunatic even have the audacity to post on facebook that the wife of the late Director stated that she is suspecting a certain Minister for the death of her husband, yet no one called him to other. The governor added his for whatever sentiment, declaring that government would probe Etang’s death, and some misdirected bunch going on street protest, allaying complexities in the death of Elder Basey Ibanga Etang. What a people we have become because of politics! How we lost our souls so quick to politics! What gain would HE, Senator Akpabio, the Hon. Minister of the Niger Delta Affairs gain in the death of his very trusted and dependable ally? Who is going to lose more in the death of Etang? Is it not Akpabio, whom, if for nothing, the believe Mr. Etang has in him? WE MUST IN THE MEMORY OF ELDER IBANGA BASEY ETANG DISCONTINUE FORTHWITH WITH THIS KIND HATE INDUCE SENTIMENTS AND CLOSE RANK AS A PEOPLE. THIS I BELIEVE IS AND WOULD HAVE BEEN THE MAN’S DEATH WISH.           

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