28 April, 2020



 “In the night, I heard them told, the cruelest story, ever told, someone found along the road, who lost his soul, to a woman so heartless”,  Kanye West

toney etido (Senior Staff Writer)                                              

The above narration by Hiphop rapper, now evangelist Kanye West, the husband of Kim Kardashian in his ‘Heartless” track, is the same, if not, worse story of a sickly lying bitch in University of Uyo, name Favour, I stumbled upon in this lockdown period from one among the many people that abandoned their vocations and life pursuits to their respective homes in order to die with and among love ones, should the ravaging Corona Virus decide to kill us all, as there isn’t no cure yet.
I heard from these students how Favour can readily swivel a lie in the twinkle of an eye, forming one rich kid with parents in Lag, despite the fact that her parents “e’were bicycle”. Favour lies, borrow, lives a carefree life, and irresponsibly lazy just to be someone she’s not until she become a laughing stock among other humble kids, whom their parents are sacrificing a lot to keep them in the University. FAvour keeps more than four lovers par time, seeing and spending time with each in their allotted time. She creates and assigned them each, jobs and positions that  suit the status of lie she want to peddle par time, whereas, the guys are struggling as 7-5 workers of shops or pharmaceutical stores. She reported once that one of her lover, who was truly a staff in a pharmacy, but by Favour, the owner, registered, rented and opened a saloon in her name, and just threw her the key as a surprise to her. She told them in the hostel she was squatting that the fellow engaged her on the altar of God, as she brandished fake plaza ring she bought for herself to suit the lie for that time. Favour who claimed to be a fashion designer, borrows her dress from the course mates or the owners of the bunk she’s squatting with, she often lies, and claimed that either one imaginary aunty or cousin sent them from Dubai, or wherever they’re holidaying, sometimes claiming the true owners borrowed them from her. Favours tell of how her fiancée was murdered and he died in her arms in Lagos, the reason she wouldn’t want to be involve seriously in love tangle, but a week after excitedly announced her engagement to a police officer she just want to manage, so that they wouldn’t feel she was looking down on the police.  

Though favour has dropped out of the Communication Art course she was sent to come and study in the University by her parents, who hustle to survive in far away Lagos due to unseriousness and lies, but before everyone, she remains a student of the famous Federal University in the oil rich State of Akwa Ibom State, University of Uyo. She is in a very hot romantic relationship currently with one gospel musician, who just divorced his wife (Abi na him wife devorcam?) Today, we have lot of Favours in our Universities across the country, among our young girls, who seem to be faster than their shadows, and not contented with what their parent can offer. They are the slay queens, who don’t value their integrity and lack any moral principle. They are children of parents who never put to use the scriptural admonition of “train up a child in the way that he should go, so that when he grows, he would never depart from it”. May God help us and all the Favours in our schools. Amen  

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