23 April, 2020



Mariama Jabani                         (Staff Writer (Yola))

From the many tales surrounding the existence and objective of the COVID19 (Corona Virus) since the nomenclature was created and activated  in the world’s lexicon, sometimes last year, 2019, what if at the end of it all, it is just one old crazy Prof.  testing out his or her hypothesis to establish the only circumstances that Janet can be brought to stay in a spot for some stipulated time, using any method, just as they were able to carry out the experiment on a rat that had been trapped for a long time, and later released.

The Three (3) Leading Theories of COVID19 (Corona Virus)
From the Yoog-en’-ace’  populations control mechanism, (CO2-PxS),  a term from the Greek word, eugenes (of noble birth), where the objective is to cultivate a new master race of noble blood lines, where they can just sacrifice the lot of us that have already been born that are not of noble birth by whatever means, the virus as the tool, to the vaccine merchants’ theory of the big pharmaceutical giants and Bill Gate that created the virus (problem), because they’d already created the vaccine, (the solution)  they want to sell and become even more richer, and final-final, there is the theory of world power position tussle between China and the USA, which has only China doing business currently,  as the whole world remain lockdown due to the fear of Corona Virus, which has claimed 184,353 lives already amidst apprehension of when it is going to abate. WHAT IF las- las, na say they just want to check whether human beings can do without machines/automobiles/going to work/social gatherings. What if it is 5G they wanted to install true-true?

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  1. "Only God", Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State would say!