02 March, 2020


Heads Up From Living Faith Church (LFC) Ikot Ekpene
Date: 1st, March, 2020
Covenant Day of Breaking Generational Curses:
Preacher, RS,  Pst. Emmanuel Onilu
Prophetic focus for the month: Fighting the Good Fight of Faith, a focus and directive that comes monthly from the church head quarter, LFC, Ota.

“We members of the Church worldwide, ie, the true children of God, who were redeemed, washed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ our Savior, our names written in the book of life, genuinely born again, and sure that if Jesus should come today, or in the event of death, we would go to heaven, those that would reign in the millennium reign of Christ and in eternity, we that pass all these criteria,  are to be ready at all time to engaged our violence kind of faith, if we are to experienced the breaking limit breakthrough prophetic declaration of 2020”, the Resident Pastor, Living Faith Church, also known as Winners Chapel, Ikot Ekpene branch , Pastor Emmanuel Onilu pointed out yesterday, Sunday, during the 1st Service of the Church’s Service of Covenant day of breaking generational curses. The Pastor pointed out that faith is always required to take delivery of our breaking limit miracles/testimonies in life. The Pastor told the congregation that, we would need not just mere faith to access what is rightly ours as sons and daughters of the Kingdom, but that we would need the violence kind of faith, meaning that we have to be audacious and daring in staking our claims to fight the good fight of faith.

The Ikot Ekpene Branch of the Living Faith Church which is currently undergoing some drastic changes in worship and in management pattern under the new RS Pastor, Pst. Emmanuel Onilu joined the other winners’ family worldwide yesterday to observed and flow in the prophetic directive of Covenant Day of Breaking generational curses, asked the congregation the most challenging and self assessment question, “ ARE YOU PART OF THE CHURCH?”. Pastor Onilu called for self assessment, and put it out to the worshipers that the best way to answer that question is for them to engage their conscience. He directed and pointed out that, there is nothing wrong in doing it again (Being born again) if one is not too sure, adding that it would be a tragedy if yours is “I don’t know you!” on the last day or after this life.

The Pastor further observed that, though we were redeemed as ship, but for us to be able to prevail in this turbulent and uncertain world, we would have to prevail like a lion. The Pastor took time out to declare a prophetic blessing on the people, thus; “BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE IN THIS SERVICE, WHATEVER SITUATION YOU’RE GOING THROUGH THAT YOU OATH NOT TO BE GOING THROUGH AS A CHILD OF GOD SHALL BE SHATTERED IN JESUS NAME! adding that it is only what God does that is permanent.

The Resident Pastor in his sermon also revealed that all genuinely true Christians belong to the family of the tribe of Judah, who is associated to Lion, the most powerful animal that cannot be defeated by any other animal. He pointed out further that we that are born again and are in Christ are winners, Pointing out that Christ was described as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Rev.5:5, “the tribe of Judah is a winning tribe”, he added. The Pastor challenged Christians to be sure and know of whose root they are, adding that our root could sometimes be the source of our confidence. Citing an illustration with Jesus Christ, the Pastor revealed that Jesus, even in his captive state, could challenged Pilate confidently …. For more on this liberating insight, visit the church office at No1 Factory Road, Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State.

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  1. That was an impactful message from the throne of grace.. surely we must engage violence faith for our breakthroughs to be supernatural... God bless you sir and increase your ministry.