12 November, 2019



Rumour, they say is always started by enemies, spread by ignorant people and believe by fools. This is the case with the controversial allegation of nepotism against the Senator representing Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district of the oil rich state of Akwa Ibom state, South-South, Nigeria.

Mariama Jabani    (Staff Reporter)

All things being equal, except for mischief makers and propaganda/falsehood merchants, the controversy raging in some quarter of the social media that the Senator representing Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district, Senator Chris Ekpeyong has appointed his son, Mr. Emmanuel Ekpeyong as his Senior Legislative Aid supposed to be finally and permanently put to rest with the reaching out of the Junior Ekpeyong to clear the air and to educate the public. Mr.
Ekpeyong Junior, who cut a picture of a all round knowledgeable mature, coordinated, tactful and non vindictive crises manager, reached out to us, after we have sufficiently peddled same news of the alleged nepotism accusation against his father to set the record straight and to educate the public on the constitutional workings of the appointment of staff of the Senator of the federal republic.
Our leaders have to work together to bring development to the people

Young Ekpeyong, whom we had thought would have remained in the trench and hauled stones back at us in retaliation for daring to criticized his father, like most of the people around him, who are actually responsible for stocking the fire for acrimony and misrepresentation, choose rather to go diplomatic, by peacefully reaching out to us to point out the true picture of things and call for understanding, unity and collaborative concerted effort to achieve development in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district, Akwa Ibom state and Nigeria. Here is Mr. Ekpeyong’s rebuttal of the false allegation, and the true picture.  

Good evening...I came across a post you made on Facebook stating how Sen. Christopher Ekpenyong appointed his family relatives as his aides.Well, I wouldn’t have bothered writing this to you. But remembering that we’ve once had an encounter, I feel quite sad that someone I actually thought was of the same school of thought with me will reason the way you do.

The Civil Service Commission only allows a Legislature to appoint 5aides, Senior legislative aide, Legislative aide 1, Legislative Assistant, Personal Assistant and Secretary. His Senior Legislative aide hails from Essien Udim who’s a lawyer and has had the Legislative experience as required by National Assembly. His Legislative Aide hails from Ini LGA, covering Ikono/Ini Federal Constituency. His Legislative Assistant hails from Ukanafun, covering Oruk Anam/Ukanafun Federal Constituency.His Personal Assistant hails from Abak/Ika/Etim Ekpo Federal Constituency.And his Secretary hails from Ikot Ekpene LGA, being that she’s a staff of National Assembly. And none of them happens to be a family relative. I’m not a staff of the National Assembly, I’m only here to help my father and be a link between my brothers with him.

I think we’ve gone past this phase of blackmail, and it hurts when it comes from a brother. We shouldn’t throw sand on a man who has been through alot, all because he decided to take up the cross to help his people.You’ve castigated me overtime, and I’ve kept quiet. Elections are over, we have a Senator and a Minister to the Glory of God, I feel instead of fanning the ambers of discord, we should be able to make our leaders see beyond self-glory and pursuit for power. Rather, focus on how both offices could be utilised for the betterment of our people. God bless!

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