24 March, 2019

How Buhari Cost Many APC Candidates Their Chances In The Recently Inconclusive General Election


Though the APC would be retaining eighteen states, as against the PDP’s seventeen, but to say that the ruling party, the APC with their arrays of stars and brilliancies, would experience the kind of rejection in the country, as witnessed in the results of the recently inconclusive general election, one would have begged to think otherwise, it could been worse, if not for the obvious “perceived fowl play” in states like Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, and some other states like that across the country, Buhari and his APC would have ended up with a much more bloody nose and perhaps, a returned to the role the Nigerian public believes they are good at, “Opposition”

Maryama Ijabani (Staff Writer)

To further understand “what a bad omen and toxic a plaque, PMB and his All Progressive Congress, once the people’s toast and hope prior to the 2015 general election have become in just less than four years, you would have to look at people who would have on a good day stood a chance of doing well in their former parties or other parties in the election,  only to lose out woefully and shamefully just for identifying with the APC and PMB, a situation that would not be difficult to explain,  as there isn't a family in the country that hasn't experienced the hardship that herald his government, since he took over from the PDP government in 205.

Come to think of it, that one would think that the All Progressive Congress, APC, only in power for only but a term, with the people’s General, cum Mr. Integrity, with their array of stars and smart minds, bidding only for what is just a second term, after what was unanimously adjudged as 16 years of PDP’s wastage shouldn't have been a difficult thing, but with killings everywhere, economic hardship, and government’s failure to deliver on all her electoral promises before coming into power for the first term, the Nigerian masses, who seem to be maturing in making democratic decision, irrespective of falsehood and misrepresentation by the media have sent the message loud and clear that it is no longer going to be business as usual, as institutions are being strengthened and civil society organizations are awaking to their responsibilities, if you must get a second term, you have to work for it.

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