20 January, 2019

What Winners Chapel Church is Doing Right and Why Every Church in Nigeria Should Emulate Her.


Luke 17:1

Then He said to the disciples, “It is impossible that no offenses should come, but woe to him through whom they do come!

Toney Etido (Senior Staff Writer)

I’m aware of the argument out there that if one is offended by the offenses emanating from church to the extent of quitting church, then that person didn’t come to church for the purpose he or she should had come in the first place. Well, in as much as I agree a thousand times with that valid argument, but I also want to draw the operators and managers of churches’ attention to the above quoted scripture.

Some Churches today which was supposed to be a place of worship has since become a place of offenses to the point of disenfranchising many without recourse to people’s feelings. How do you explained a situation where a Church announced three hours of service as the case may be and on getting there, one person would just pick the microphone and be forming super star, saying irrelevant stuffs and massaging his or her ego and wasting armful of time, and when it’s time for the church to close he would tell you “as the Holy Spirit leads”? Is the Holy Spirit of God an author of confusion? Absolutely not! How again do you explained the situation where one went to Church with the intention of giving a certain amount as offering, and on getting to the church you would see the operators calling for all manners of offerings which was not announced before hand, which usually embarrassed people and sometimes they even labeled those who didn’t obliged them as stingy, and sometimes blackmailing and threatening them with all manners of damnation as witnessed recently at the Adoration Assembly of Father Mbaka and PDP Vice President flag bearer, Mr. Peter Obi?

These and many more offenses found in the Church today that is making many shunned her are the stuffs Winners Chapel Church have taken into cognizance and taken care of, and it has so much make worshiping God conducive and less cumbersome, thereby, attracting many to consider adopting her as their place of worship. The word and the teachings of the word is elevated above everything at Winners Chapel, that those secret reasons others called for multiple offering and turning the Church into a Bazza ground comes easy with those worshiping with her commission. Giving is not a problem at Winners Chapel, as worshippers have been taught adequately the benefit of giving and the Church don’t have to device, manipulates and fixed multiple offering time in order to have members giving much. Time management and organization is another area Winners Chapel has excelled in.
And let me tell you these, if you go to any church and someone comes up and tell you.. “I am looking for someone to give me so so amount of money” for a promised of any level of miracle, my brother, my sister, you are at liberty to staged a walk out and you shouldn’t allowed anyone blackmailed you emotionally or entertained any condemnation. This I believe is the word of the Lord.    

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