22 January, 2019



Politics shouldn't be the dirty game they say it is, as litmits should be observed at every given time.

Toney Etido (Senior Staff Writer)

The emotional blackmail being championed by the People Democratic Party (PDP) in the State, most especially within the Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District, that if the people failed to vote and returned Governor Udom Emmanuel for a second term, that the Annangs, the second largest ethnic group, found in the district can never produced a Governor again in the state for conspiring against an Ibibio person, since the Ibibios are the majority in the State, a stupid talk that is fast dividing the state along ethnic line, today at the official flag of the All Progressive Congress (APC) campaign was watered down, as Senator James Udoidehe dismantled the evil agenda of the argument.

Puncturing the devil’s philosophy, Senator James Udoidehe, whom the opposition, the PDP are wishing would rock the smooth sailing boat of the APC in the state, carpeted Governor Udom Emmanuel and his party, the People Democratic for what he term as a divisive tendency and warned them to henceforth, with immediate  effect desist from propagating such demonic argument that is capable of dividing the people that have always been one because of the inanimate ambition of a man that failed to performed when he had all the time, only to now be devising a tactic of blackmail and creating enmity between brothers and sisters. Senator Udoidehe, who also educated the people on thinking shallow, frowned at such shallow minds who taunt people of other states, most especially the women who are married to Akwa Ibomites because they not from Akwa Ibom. The Senator, who asked the mammoth crowd “If the APC Gubernatorial flag bearer, Obong Nsima Ekere (ONE) is not an Ibibio man?”, advised Governor Udom to rather prepare on how he would exit the leadership of the state peaceful without causing rancor. Udoidehe concluded with stating that the “who is who” of Akwa Ibom state politics are complete in APC, also warned Governor Udom from personalizing God, adding that God is universal and not the prerogative concept of one man. 

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