11 December, 2018


When iniquity is not met with stiff and immediate sanction, the sons of men would think and live doing evil always.

Mariama Jabani (Staff Writer)

There was uproar and pandemonium last Sunday in Abama community, a community in Obot Akara LGA, Akwa Ibom state, as the youths set ablaze and burned to aches a middle age man by the name Udom, who was accused of being a Witch and the brain behind the death of a particular young man in the community.

Crises started for Udom, who all the while had been suspected by the community of being a witch, when rumour of the passing on of Ikoedem, a very popular young man who operates a succesful pop nicked name and christened after the famous Ikot Ekpene and Uyo Plaza in Abama, the last community that borders Ukwanu community in Abia state. Ikoedem, whose joint, Plaza is the rave in the community, as nebouring villages and ladies from far away Cross River and other South East states find their ways to his joint to socialised and to do business was reported to have had a slight fever the previous day which was Saturday. and on Sunday around noon, rumours filtered that Ikoedem is death and the man, Udom was fingered.

Udom who had previously escaped similar jungle justice attempt on his life after similar incident of the death of another young man was also traced to him but ran away only to return when the dust died down wasnt lucky this time arround, as the youths mobilised and seized him before any intervention that could safe him arrived. he was dragged into the bush before his family and the news that followed was that of his end. 

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