28 November, 2018

Suspending More Promises, Refineries Never to Work in 2019 as Earlier Promised…. Ibe Kachikwu

In what could be described as yet again another “shifting of the post” after the commencement of a competitive game, the Nigerian APC led Government has once again announced that the promised 2019 date for the actualization of petroleum product sufficiency would not be feasible in 2019 as promised.

Toney Etido (Senior Staff Writer)

Minister for State, Petroleum Reaources
The Nigerian Minister of state for petroleum resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu has revealed that the President Mohammadu Buhari and APC’s promised of fuel sufficiency by 2019 is no longer realizable till 2020. Speaking at the Biennial Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) conference in Lagos on Monday, the Minister revealed that achieving fuel sufficiency is no longer feasible in 2019 as promised.  

It would be recalled that the Minister in 2017, in an interview with BBC, vowed to walk away or resign if the country don’t achieve self sufficiency in petrol production by 2019, as he informed the people through the interview that he personally fixed the 2019 time frame as when Nigeria would attained fuel sufficiency, and that the people shouldn’t worry, as he would work it out to make it possible.
In a rather excuse summersault,  synonymous to the APC led government of President Mohammadu Buhari (PMB), Mr. Kachikwu informed the nation that fuel sufficiency can only be possible when the country can produce an additional 1.1 million barrel of oil per day from the nation’s four refineries, three modular refineries and the Dangote refinery, expected to commenced operation by 2020. The Minister further revealed that, even if he is to forced, according to him, “even though I had wanted in my usual bullish nature to get this thing driven so that we can have all the refineries working by the end of 2019, obviously it will slip a bit”, the Minister stated.

The minster added that what is important is that we must begin the process, even as he promised that they are going to deliver those barrels refined by 2020. Mr. Kachikwu also revealed that they are working hard to see that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)’s refineries is coming up with 426, 000 b/d in 2020. Another case of “All Promised Cancel” of the ruling (APC) 

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