28 November, 2018

POLITICAL BULLYING; Governor Udom Fights Back, Demand The Immediate Removal Of Police Commissioner, Musa Kimo.

It is a very dangerous thing for a man so pushed to the wall to decide to fight back, as his fury most times, usually comes with an uncontrollable stench capable of consuming all.
Gov. Udom Emmanuel addressing the world

Mariama Ijabani (Staff Writer) 

The Akwa Ibom state Governor, Governor Udom Emmanuel, in what could be term as “Enough is Enough” is stamping his foot on the ground and standing up to the opposition, who probably before now had underestimated his resolved to hold up and stand for himself.

In a daring intimidating move to seized the state House of Assembly, the opposition, All Progressive Congress (APC) yesterday, with her five (5) suspended members against the People Democratic (PDP)’s twenty one (21), aided by the newly appointed state police commissioner, Alhaji Musa Kimo and the head of the Quick Respond Squad (QRS) to gained entrant into the chamber to hold an illegal plenary that announced the suspension of eleven members, including the Speaker, Bar Onofiok Luke, dissolving all the standing House Committees, as well as issuing an order for the Commissioner of Works, Mr. Ephraim Inyang to appear before them in their next, illegal and unrecognized plenary.
Embattled AKS Commissioner of Police

While the illegal plenary session was going on, the Governor, in the company of the recognized and authentic Speaker, Speaker Onofiok Luke, Senator Bassey Albert, Senator representing Uyo Senatorial district, the Akwa Ibom state youth made up of different student unions and all the stake holders of the Akwa Ibom state project stormed the complex of the House of Assembly to protest the illegality that was being spearheaded by the opposition, who had before now boasted of “Federal might”. The visibly angry Governor expressed his disappointment at the role played by the Commissioner of police, Musa Kimo and the head of QRS and called on their immediate removal. Udom warned that the Akwa Ibom people would not tolerate any act capable of breaching the peace of the state, as he frowned at the police, whom he said he used the lean resources of the state to maintain so that there could be peace in the state. The Governor also called on the international community to intervene on what he termed as the opposition trying to undermine our democracy. The Governor did not forget to take time out to call out those that benefitted so much and are made what they are today by Akwa Ibom state and the system, who are now neck bend on destroying all that the state have accomplished.         

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