05 November, 2018

N5M Bribe, Ikot Ekpene LGA Paramount Ruler Denied Allegation

The Chieftaincy Title Tussle engulfing Ikot Abia Idem village and the Ikot Ekpene LGA Paramount Ruler, HRM, Akuku Okon Udo Ukut takes a new dimention, with the community accusing the Royal Majesty of collecting N5M bribe from his preferred candidate, the son of his predecessor.

Toney Etido (Senior staff writer)

The Paramount Ruler of Ikot Ekpene LGA, Akwa Ibom state,  Akuku Okon Udo Ukut has debunked the allegation that he was bribed by the son of his predecessor, late Paramount Ruler, Akuku Asiak, who passed on last year. Speaking to Ikot Ekpene Plaza news and your Naija Friendly platform, FriendsOfNaija earlier today in his office at the Traditional Rulers Council hall, in Ikot Ekpene, the Royal Majesty sarcastically responded thus "If only I see the #5M, won't I have collected it and solved urgent pressing issues?"

His Royal Majesty, who took time out to addressed the protesting youths, informed them that they have been misled and that they have not gotten the right information pertaining the process of electing and installing a village head. HRM. explained further, with document that as far as Ikot Abia Idem is concern, they have only two family heads that are recognised by the Ikot Ekpene TRC, after the demised of four of the six families, now remaining two. The Royal father stated further that whether the community have elected replacement for the four that passed on, the TRC is not aware, as they have not been brought and introduced to the TRC for documentation and recognition.

The Paramount Ruler also stated that nhe has no reason to prefer any candidate over another, as they both are his subjects, and that Surveyor David Esien is actually his Inlaw. The RM observed that, though the community argued that the position of the village head of Ikot Abia Idem is rotationary contrary to the the document he has that stipulates that would be village head should be one from a royal family, he has wanted to give other aspirant the opportunity to exercise their franchise.

The Paramount Ruler also debunked any knowledge of any existing court injunction that refrained him from exercing jurisdiction over issue in his dormain.

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