05 March, 2018

The Garden of God’s Presence Ministry, The Place You Find God in His Fullness.

When the promised for a Messiah was made, many had thought he would come from one of those elegant aristocrats’ families, without knowing that the one who has the final say would chose otherwise. Today, many are searching for God in the wrong places chasing the wrong people who have substituted the power of God with the knowledge they acquired from Schools or through associations. We have raised the wrong symbols and wrong allusions as a yard stick for of what pass for success or what is of important, without the realisation that God uses the foolish things of this world to confirm with the wise. 

The Garden of God’s Presence Ministry, located at Stadium Road, Obio Offot, behind the Godswill Akpabio International stadium, Akwa Ibom state, is a place where God’s presence is fully present, and working

Pst. Joe, Senior Pastor
supernatural wonders in amazing ways.  Speaking to your 9ja friendly platform, FriendsOfNaija recently, the man of God, Pastor Joseph Dominic Jimmy, the Senior pastor of Garden of God’s Presence ministry revealed that, “In this place, God does not look at your face, or consider what you are putting on, education, or whatever mundane stuffs humans have erected as yardstick to measure or gauge God, which has now formed a barrier to true communion and fellowship with God. This is a place where miracle of all kind takes place because of the manifestations of the fivefold ministry as promised by God in the scripture ; you only need to see it for yourself”, the man of God said.

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