22 March, 2018

Senator Shehu Sani a Curse or a Blessing?

If there’s anyone the 8th Senate would really love to hate right now, I swear it’ll be one of their own, the outspoken and erudite Senator Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna central senatorial district. To them he’s their public enemy no1 and not Magu, Malami, or the rubber stamp President who probably might not even know who Saraki is!

But love him or hate him, but I bet you Senator Shehu Sani, (SSS) is the toast and darling of every conscious Nigerian now as, he’s the latest “mai gaskiya”, and not Buhari. And if party politics can allow him emerge as the Presidential flag bearer, I bet you again you’ve got for yourself a real revolutionary as a President. But for where? Whose side e’for take happen? The curse that was placed on Nigeria by Sir Fredrick Lord Lugard’s girlfriend, “ever to see and know the truth and what’s right but to always go for the wrong, a lame duck decision that  always stall our development and a system that works for everyone wouldn’t allow that. But one day, just but one day!

To the plurality of the masses, SSS is a blessing. Though one of them, but stands head taller ahead of them all in integrity, patriotism and he’s the medicine the country needs for her healing. But to the unpopular minority but powerful blood suckers of this country, the Senators and the National Assemblies, not exempting the Executive, Heads of parastatals, agencies and ministries, he’s the seven Horses of Armageddon of doom and a bomb. He and the country can burn to ashes all they care, as long as she delivers theirs’. They were to work on behalf and represent the people, but they are only busy representing themselves.  And though SSS’s revelation on the jumbo pay our legislators have arranged for themselves and the other unnecessary undertakings of government hasn’t stopped anything, and it’s something many were already muttering about, but one of them coming out to admit, means a lot, and he sure is the blessing

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