25 March, 2018


This current generation of the Nigerian Army have failed, they are a national disgrace and do not merit our sympathy nor support.     
  I deliberately settle on this title so as to see if I can communicate or register a thing in the consciousness of all the other top military hierarchy and Brigadier General Texas Chukwu, Director, Army Public Relations, who in a statement debunking Elder Statesman, Brig General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma’s allegation that the military is colluding and aiding criminals and killers in the land. The military Spokesman in his statement directed that we used our respective platforms to disseminate military’s denial of the allegation to Nigerians. But you what, I vehemently refused to carry out this directive of the Military’s Public Relations’ Directorate because I want to let the military know that they don’t have any right or what so ever to just handover a statement we believe otherwise with just a command to go and disseminate.  I want the military to learn a thing from our refusal to carry out their biddings on professional and ethic ground, as well as on matter of principle and good reasoning not to be their hatchet man as they have on their part jettisoned professionalism, ethic, good conscience and principle and turned themselves into politicians’ hatchet men in a democratic government. I want the military to wake up and be professional and refused every time politicians hands them an unpopular script and asked them to interpret. 

Are the guys running the military as clueless as the Commander in Chief who doesn’t seem to know what he is doing, embarrassing the country one too many? Don’t the guys running the military have the ability to digest and comprehend that most of their actions and reportage associated to them by both local and international media recently in matter of security and safety of citizens as shameful, embarrassing and above all belittling the Nigerian Nation and the military herself? How are you comfortable calling yourself Army when some marauders could just come into a city and a state that is heavily militarise and cart away over one hundred (100) female students and returned them without being accosted by a single personnel of the military? What does the military of today think of everyone in this country? Do they think that everyone is now as foolish as to just accept every explanation, no matter how bereft of common even sense it seems? How do the military explains going to invade the house of man, whose matter is in court and now cannot explain the where about of the man? How do you explain the huge amount being budgeted every year for the fight against insurgency without commensurate result? Instead through your actions and inactions the insurgents are becoming fuelled and energised the more. Why shouldn’t we call for self-defence since you couldn’t defend us with the money you get as payment for the job of defending the land you are supposed to do?  

It’s obvious that the Nigerian Army of today is no longer what it used to be. Lazy minded, selfish and criminal individuals who are not ready to make sacrifices of any kind have over the years through the criminal rackets and systems established and sustained by our politicians and elites found their ways into a force that was once the toast and darling of citizens and the outside world. It is a very huge shame to the military and a national embarrassment when the military through her spokesman on a national television, Chanel TV on Saturday declared that they cannot protect everywhere in Nigeria. Did you listen to yourself at all? Where is it done that you hire a man and give him everything he needs for his work only for the man to come back and tell you that he cannot do the work and you still allow him to keep the pay and all the tools he was supposed to use in doing the work? I was the first to call for self-defence when I heard the military spokesman on tv stated that the military cannot protect everywhere in Nigeria. I did not only advocated for self-defence, I also advocated for the withdrawal of every emolument that is being paid to every military personnel and the surrendering of their uniforms, guns and every other tools since they cannot do their work and allow the locals and let us see if they cannot do a better work of protecting themselves and their land. This current generation of the Nigerian Army have failed, they are a national disgrace and do not merit our sympathy nor support.     

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