15 February, 2018

Reasons Most Ladies Would Remain Single and Not Married For So Long!

Reasons Most Ladies Would Remain Single and Not Married For So Long!
I am not going to dwell on the very mundane and subjective reasons like “insecurity” and being threatened by the high position attained by some ladies, which many have attributed to leading in the list of contributing factors why most ladies are still not married and some have no steady man of their own, I am going to open your eyes to those very insignificant but definitive factors, factors  within our reach, which we often dismissed as “I can’t see myself doing that, or the man is supposed to be the one to do that”- mind-set. A mind-sets that have robbed and are still rendering many a beautiful ladies, endowed with pleasant attributes and looks that should see them enjoying and putting those attributes to use with and in their husbands homes miserably single and desperately pitiable. And trust me, our clergies who give spiritual interpretation to everything prey and cash in on them. 
Don’t forget life has no duplicate, and you have to live it just once; so why not take things easy, come off your high-hill, sort out beliefs that isn’t delivering, no matter where they’re coming from and make the best of life, even if you have to “Stoop to conquer” 

Trust me I’m not going to pretend or lie to you just because I know my pastor may see this post or one of those “monitoring spirits’ members of my church might tell him of my position on this issue and he might conclude that I have “backslided”, I would tell you the truth out of experience because “We too have the mind of Christ” and we can taste everything. 

You see my weakness is that I love Big Black Women (BBW aka Miss Endowed). Recently, having remained celibate for over a year since my fiancĂ©e travelled to the US for her curse, I decided to change brakes and bring a lady home. I brought in this matured beautiful lady, with fully concentrated mammalian glands just the way I love them, sensuous backside that can prompt, even the Pop to renege on his oath of celibacy, everything were just standing in ‘awe’ and in adoration of its maker, living me to wonder “why such a beautiful lady could still be single till now! 
No doubt she is one of those high fliers and lucky monsters, whom providence had smiled at immediately after she graduated from the university. Her attainment in life could intimidate and must’ve at a time intimidated and kept many would be potential suitors away from her. But having realised and probably heeding some wise counsel, she’d resigned from her oil industry job and went into private business; with the hope that it could afford her the opportunity to meet people and definitely get married which is her “life’s top priority”. But the first mistake our desperate lady made, which appears even costlier than the “High heel” position she sort to come down from was the mistake of the mind-set that I have to pay her fare or fuel her car, feed her throughout and anytime she has to pay me a visit, even when it appears obvious she have more. Apart from the fact that she consumed more than I had to sphere that first night and left the next day without doing the ditches nor made the bed we slept on, she also left her pubic hair so long and in such a “joy-killer mood” that it cut on the condom and left hurting bruises on my fore-skin. This left me so enraged to the extent that not even her excused of having no one in her life that could make her tidy and keep her lawn mow could make me change my mind from my decision not to see her again.

Ladies should have a healthy dose of emotional intelligence to know that the country’s economy and policies over the last four decades had been fashioned in such a way that it had not been friendly to the men, and such women have to demonstrate empathy and understanding. I explain: 
Take for an instance right from the homes, parents and other siblings tend to provide and ensure their female members of their families are provided for so that they don’t “look outside”. And as you know it to be normal if they happened to have a boyfriend, their boy also in a way still shares his little resource he got from his parents with her, plus others knocking and pathing with one thing or the other which still add to the female folks. And if for example, 200 students graduated from the university with the ratio of 50/50, two years down the line, you would realise that 97% of the female ratio would have gotten a job, while that of the male could be a paltry 10% or less. Bottom argument, Ladies stop hoarding. Bring that money, intelligently support and encourage your man to see reason and make up his mind to marry you. It is not a crime and you are not doing anything wrong by helping your man with your money. In fact, it actually offers you advantage, as against.

After dodging and avoiding my new girl’s call for over a month, “konji” came calling again that I had to finally call her up and lied that I had been too busy and always forgets to call after fagging off every day from work. I had thought she won’t come considering how lame and unconvincing my excuse sounded, even to be myself. But to my surprise, I saw her call around after eleven and she informed me that she was at my gate. After I had opened the gate for her to come in, she wouldn’t come out of the car without collecting or getting my commitment to refund her N5, 000, which she said she used in fuelling her car. I had never been so mad with Buhari and APC government! 
After having her bath, she informed me in clear terms that she was flagging red and such there won’t be show for the night. I pestered, thinking she was lying and probably still angry for avoiding her for these long. But to my disappointment and consternation, she was truly flagging red, as my insistence lefts the condom on me all painted red, a sin I know the scripture abhors. To cut a long story short, the next day was the Arm Forces Remembrance day and I had to leave her in the house on time to make it to the capital, where I had a role to carry out in the government’s module church service. When I returned later in the day to the house, the lady I was contemplating prolonging my union with had eaten bread, tea and egg on the bed and left the plate and mug for me right there on the bed. Not only that, she’d also stained the bed sheet, as well as my cover cloth with her red and didn’t dim it fit to washed them before living, but neatly folded and spray the bed with perfume to cancel on the red’s smell. #ThatOneNaWifeMaterial?

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