25 January, 2018

Pa Asam Asam, Sir, You are wrong Again!


I am a sucker for good writing and the right use of words, and one of such I have read recently is that of the former Nigerian Ambassador to Russia, Chief Asam Asam (SAN), as he took on Senate Minority Leader and former Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Obong, Dr. Godswil Obot Akpabio in the inglorious “All is not well vs All is well rhetoric that greeted us in the eve of last year. But as beautifully written and logically sound as Pa Asam’s composition may appear, it can only dissuade the most callous and uncoordinated of minds, as was the intent it was conceived.
Senate Minority Leader, Senator Akpabio

Anytime I read excellent articles or listened to sound thoughts like this coming from our elders, just as I recently sat at the feet of the former Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Obong Chris Ekpeyong, as he lectured me on the components and dictates of the Offshore/Onshore Dichotomy that guaranteed that Akwa Ibom state and other Niger Delta states gets what they are currently getting in terms of allocation from the federal government, I weep in hopelessness of our generation and time, as sound reasoning and constructive rigorous thoughts deserts us. 

Though the Senior Advocate of Nigeria displayed excellent mastery of the use of English and good education in trying to convey and infused into the public’s head that Akpabio is a sectarian and a bias person, this notion we would want to succinctly disagree, as I consider such vituperation as venomous to an already battered and very divided people, who so much need to close rank and see themselves as one. The Akpabio I have known does not strike me as a “tribalist” or bias person or leader, rather as a full blooded patriot, who loves his people, state and country.

The grudge with the likes of Pa Asam Asam and their stingy life and conservative reasoning is that Akpabio shouldn’t be generous in his disposition toward people and things as he is. They want a situation where they alone and their selfish lineage would continue to monopolise the echelon of leadership, to dictate the flow of things, as they continue to bastardise and make nonsense of what makes sense, as they go about thwarting our development and aspirations. In as much as we would all want the constitution to be supreme and superior to any individual, where a predecessor would not be seen to be tele guiding his successor, but the reality is that this is Nigeria, where reverse is the case, a situation created and aided by Pa Asam’s alma mater of learned colleagues and the elites class of the country. The take home point we are making here is that, people who are not more righteous than Akpabio as we know should leave Akpabio alone. Some of these people castigating Akpabio are people, whose sons and daughters; talk less their people would prefer Akpabio as their father and person respectively if possible.  What’s wrong in Akpabio, who is representing his people speaking out their concerns? Must we always agree on everything? What happened to democracy, what happened to “we disagree to agree” tenets of democracy, what happens to people? Akpabio’s declaration that all is not well does not warrant the malicious attack from all these old men, who should’ve by now vacated the scene, seeing that their analogue system of subtly dividing the people along ethnic line is no longer needed in this digital age that demands that we close rank and tackle our problems together.         

Let us use this medium to sound the warning that from henceforth, the current crop of Annangs would no longer fold her arms and watch any “sub-summing” interest group or individual decimate us and our leaders as they had been doing before, most especially leaders more righteous than them. Read our lips, we would from henceforth, take no prisoner. Nobody is more AkwaIbomite than anyone else in this union. And to those “sell out” Annang sons and daughters! We know who you are, and we are coming at you soonest. If Akpabio was a bias leader or sectarian as you want to let people believe, he wouldn’t have brought the transformation that has turned Uyo to the paradise that she is today. Even the vindictive late Eyo Uyo that engineered the genocide of thousands of Annangs during the civil war out of envy and jealousy of the then I.U. Akpabio, who was the then deputy Prime Minister in the defunct Eastern region would repent today and admit to the fact that the Annang is not the imaginary enemy that he and his people thought she is. And they are not in competition of any kind with her Ibibio brothers. Chief Dr. Godwil Obot Akpabio is not a sectarian leader; neither is he a bias person!
Conscientious Annang People Alliance (CAPA) is a socio political-organisation that exists to protect and project the interest of the Annang nation in Akwa Ibom state and Nigeria. 

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