27 January, 2018

The Sins of My Pastor

I  know you're thinking,... “what’s it that I want to accuse my pastor of than the usual “pastor don chop money and 10% tithe controversy”!” mmmm! Mbanuunu!

A church in my area started their tarry or vigil night since yesterday around inside the 9’ o clock hour and up till now as I’m doing this text, 10 minutes after 6, my friend who’d heard of the ability of the new man of God on the block, who can predict accurate winning coupon and lotto numbers, including white paper from his girlfriend who’s a chorister in the church has been chatting me since around 5am, letting me know how the man of God is taking too much time, repeating stuffs he’d already said, and making them feel they’ll be disobeying God if they leave before the Holy Spirit leaves.


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