22 December, 2017


I am putting down this claim, knowing fully well, and expecting the knocks that would come with it, considering fully well, where one is talking from and the people we’re talking about. 

There’s no gain saying that “Inua’ iko” is the leading stock-in trade in our, “Akwa Abasi Ibom” (aka) “God’s own” state. So in the absence of industries, trades and want of what to do, we sharpened what we have very well, which is our mouth. But very most unfortunately, we didn’t sharpen it for good. We didn’t learn the good, kind words that empathised with and encourage people. We don’t bless and speak life with our mouths, we destroy as if we are motor-pack workers, and we talk carelessly about people and what we don’t understand. We talk people down with mean and derogatory words.
But I don’t care, I can say emphatically, “Akwa Ibom here is your saviour, Rev. Joshua Cleopas, a dynamic spirit-fill man of excellence, driven with the ingenuity of purpose and desire that Akwa Ibom take her rightful place in the committee of nations. It is this needed change and new approach that brought about the question of Akwa Ibom state as the core mandate of Global Community Revival Outreach, a none denominational assemblage of clergies and men of like-passion for land cleansing and negotiating every spiritual transactions that brought about the physical manifestations of the seemingly development that we can see in our state today.
Concerned with the bane of backwardness, poverty, hardship and the negativity that used to permeate Akwa Ibom state, he went into asking the right questions, what needs be done and getting the right answers. 
I don’t care what you say or think, but I want to tell us that we owe our thanks to God that raised Rev. Joshua Cleopas and his Global Community Revival Outreach and the singular act of negotiating spiritually and bringing back the lost symbol of the blessings of Akwa Ibom state from Scotland, which was taken away when our ancestors and forebears’ maltreated and killed early missionaries, who were the carriers of the blessing, human sacrifices, worshipping of idols, killing of twins, banishment of their mothers and not forgetting slave trades and all the other practices that attracted God’s wrath and punishment. For more on this visit www.globcro.org

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