29 June, 2017


 The Chinese Civil Enginearing Construction, (CCECC)'s impunity and flagrant abused of citizens' rights in Nigeria generally, and in Akwa Ibom state in particular has gotten to the stage sane, civilised and organised people should speak out. Though, you cannot outrightly hold them, foreigners liable to this open abuse of Nigerian citizens in their own country without the collaborative and encouraging actions of our politicians, leaders and elites.

What CCECC and other foreign business operators in Nigeria gets away with are stuffs they dare not try even a pinch in their own country, in short, they can't even try it in Lagos state. Not even Julius Begger, JB, that have a long history of operating in Nigeria would engaged in such nonsensical idiosyncracy.

People's homes and busineseses cut off from the road, their cars locked up in their compounds for over two weeks now in ikot ekpene-Umuahia RD.
How and where on earth do a construction company just shows up in your house and commenced excavating and breaking the entrance to your house without prior notice for over two weeks now and still counting?

It is a huge shame, and not representing China, a massive Democratic country well in the area of human right and respect to the weak in our society. Does CCECC care to know the inconvenience and economic loses they have caused those that live on Ikot Ekpene- Umuahia Rd, Akwa Ibom state for the duration of their stupit action of breaking their entrance and rendering cars and shops grounded?

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