09 May, 2017

Excellence Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Unya, All For MpatEnin, Akwa Ibom and Nigeria.

The recent announcement by the Akwa Ibom state government of her decision to take over seven community secondry schools in various communities, including Excellence Comprehensive Secondary School, Ikot Unya-MpatEnin local government area, came as a welcome development and a relief to Bar. Ekong Samson, the Senior Special Adviser to the Governor of Akwa Ibom state on Legislative and Political Affairs and his elder brother, retired Principal Udo Samson and many other stakeholders.
Rt Hon, Bar Ekong Samson, Senior Special Adviser on Legislative and Political Affairs

The Samsons', had personally funded Excellence Comprehensive Secondary School for several years because of their love and eagerness to bring development and government presence  to their people, MpatEnin, the state and the country. Speaking to a friend from Ikot Ekong, MpatEnin, she expressed her appreciation and willingness to continue and always work with the Barr and his elder brother, Udo Samson, who is more the grass-root man of his brother, so as to continually attract government presence and development to their local government. The teachers and students of Excellence Comprehensive Secondary,  whom we heard government are going to absolve are happy and in high spirit and can't wait for the show to begin.

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