15 April, 2017


        Sahara Reporters, friend or foe, love her or hate her, your friend today, your enemy tomorrow, vilify her today, tomorrow you might want to congratulates her. SR is both the negative and the positive at the same time to different people in Nigeria. But whatever SR is, she has also, proven time and again, most especially in our todays’ time and space that the young people of Nigeria can rise up and be counted, irrespective of the grant and deliberate orchestration of our elites to keep us down and deprived. SR has become the biggest catalyst of and in our democratic experience today, most especially to the young people of forties and below in Nigeria, who had never experienced or used to this system of government, call democracy.

       Most of us have had course to love and applaud “bravo” to SR, as well as there are times we labelled them in the negatives. These are times we would have looked at the most bizarre, unthinkable and expository reportage on some certain persons or organisations we perceived “saintly” in our country.  But the truth is, and I tell you, every Nigerian politician, their family and friends, and anyone who had had course to deal with them are capable and beyond everything SR have been reporting about them. SR, like Dino Marlaye have learned the system and have broken away to salvage what is left of our country. The other big actors of our democracy have so corrupted the system that before the rest of us arrive; we would have been corrupted along, no one exempted.
If not for SR, how would we have heard of Urji Uzo Kalu, Ibori, Alamasiegha, Bade, Jonathan, Buratai, Dame Patience, OBJ, Turai, Bamanga Tukur, Anenih, Igbinedione, Nyako, Arauma Ette, Keyamo, Yuguda, Kwankwaso, Bode George, Ali Modu Sherief, the servant leader man of Niger state, Suswan, Daziani, Fashola, Akpabio, Daddy Theodo, Magu, DSSS, Saraki gate, Sambo gate and many more about our institutions, system, politicians and the many actors of our democracy and how we have lost it all as sanely people. Through SR, we now know who our friends are and who our enemies are. We have also known who truly deserved the “If you speak the truth you die, if you refused to speak the truth you die” lines of the famous “Aje kun iya ni oje” chart buster. It is SR, not Dino, “one of us” Malaye that so deserved it. If it wasn’t for SR, it would have all started on The Nations, then to The Punch, Thisday and then to the Ibrus’. And before it would have gotten to us, it would have reduced to a forgotten issue.

Politicians and our elites have hijacked the entire means of production of the land and thereby rendered an average Nigerian youth, who could have acted positively on our democracy handicapped. We all know and have experienced moments where a paltry sum of a N100, 000 can solve a whole lot of problems and feed more than one family and still retain capital for them to work. We also know how difficult it is for Nigerians to access capital or any form of financial aid. We now have known also from SR and other online platforms how insanely a single individual or organisation can stack away such massive and intimidating amounts of money, away from the people’s reach.

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