05 November, 2016

Miss Anambra and the Satanic Industry.

In every sector or establishment, there are different criteria and requirements to gain a in. The more you meet those requirements, the more your chances of getting admitted and rising on the ladder of that field.
Embattle Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke

   The entertainment industry, comprising of the movie, music, pageant, TV/radio and the media in general, like the military, the criteria is in the amount of audacity to brace the odd and do the extreme  biddings of the controller who decides what the people want to see, despite the hypocritical denial by the people. In essence, the devil runs things supreme here, just as he does in the political and power arena.
    Recently we have heard tales of bizarre happenings taking place in the industry, fresh in our minds is the Angelina Jolly Illuminati sex tape that was released after her divorced with her Holly Wood super star husband, Brat Pit and many others. We have recently also heard claims by some pageant participants in USA, that the US Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump used to drop in on them in their most private and naked moments, including ogling with old drunk men and other imoral activities, boasting that he has seen more than that.

But if you or anyone think that what trespasses behind the scene of any pageant or in the entertainment industry is unfortunate coincidence, then you might not have known how the industry operates. Ever wonder why the controvertial former Nigerian Big Brother Africa house mate, Beverly Osu has, despite the controversial head lines and negative attention she attracted  during and after her time with the reality TV show, stills become a big name and celebrity that has to headline music videos, entertainment events and others?
   What about the kannywood lady that has just been snapt up by Hollywood after some scandals like Chidinma's, Miss Anambra, or you think people like Ben Maurice Bruce, Donald Trump, Kanye West and many others don't know that things like this is optainable and that it is what makes the events of the industry glamorous? Don't be surprise if by tomorrow the big pay masters comes for Chidinma, while you are here winning over what they see as nothing.

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