04 August, 2016

Sponsored: Prince Godwin Ntukude and Barrack Obama; The Unusual Story in an Unusual Places.

Birthday poem for Prince Godwin Ntukude, Barack Obama and the other great people in our spheres of life.

Dear Prince Godwin Ntukude and

Barack Obama. It’s your birthday,
And I want you to know
I appreciate you more
As the years come and go and as your
natural relations with our world keep manifesting.

All your good qualities stands out and shine;
Good people are priceless And I’m so glad you manifest in my time!
Happy birthday to you all!

It might not be coincidence that Prince Godwin Ntukude, the Akwa Ibom state commissioner for transport and President  Obama of the United state share the same birthday. Many might forget that with God, there's nothing as coincidence. And that it isn't unlikely that these two share the same birthday for the uncommon connected tale of outstanding human relations and a comendable life.

     In an environment where people become unnecessarily puffed up and descend to treating their fellow humans as trash because of a position they occupy or a certain wealth in their they control, in an enrironment of unnecessary arrogancy, inhumane feelings and conceitednes,  you would agree with me that when you come across people who behave contrary, you have to comment them.
        Prince Godwin Ntukude, happy birthday and a many more happy return, keep on treating people well and God would continue to bless you.

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