07 August, 2016

Believe Jonathan Sponsoring Avengers, Believe that Your Mother is not a woman!

Believe this, you believe anything!

The smoke screen news that former President, Dr Ebele Goodluck Jonathan is among the sponsors of the self- destructive militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers is the kind of hook wash that you read only in a sensationalised country like Nigeria. That credible platforms like Sahara Reporters and others can trail blaze it tells you how condescending and degenerated as a country we have come.
   Funny how every Tom, Dick and Harry can just come up with a claim and the media would take it to a much educated illiterate society first, instead of subjecting it to scrutiny by police through investigation, interogation and of course checking antecedents, weighing motives and every other consideration before making a claim and putting it out. 
       Even in the academia, it is regarded as shallow to run with a thought without first and foremost making finndings. But in Nigeria, funny how we are quick to believe everything even if our eyes and senses is suggesting other wise.
  Nigeria is in deed a fail and a troubles society. And as they say, "a fruit does not fall far off from its tree" and for who to blame for this distortion, is non other than those that go around labelling themselves as the fathers and mothers of the country. They've indeed given birth to a child in resemblance to who they are. Liers, insincere, untrustworthy, corrupt, propagandists, greedy, selfish, shallow, frivolous and of course all the ills and anomalies we frowned at in this country.
    It would be easier to believe that OBJ would return to PDP tomorrow than to believe that Jonathan can sponsor NDA. This is so because, following the antecedents of those two, distinctions can be drawn on the stuffs that can be possible with them. To sponsor or dare try an arm insurrection in Nigeria, we all know it takes bravery and gut. And we all know also that bravery and gut is not what is possible with Jonathan. If he is, he wouldn't had ran such weak government. If you talk of watefullness, I don't care attitude, and incompetence, then you can think Jonathan. If you think of lies, double standard, holy than thou attitude, and all the other things, then you know where else to look. Until then, I don't want to read anywhere that Jonathan is sponsoring NDA.

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