03 July, 2016

Bakers Strike; How Igbos' Super Markets and Provisions Stores' Operators are killing Akwa Ibom people!

Super Markets and Provisions Stores' Operators; Endangering AKWA Ibomites Lives!

FriendsOFNaija have recieved a damning indictment against some Super Markets and Provisions Stores Operators in Akwa Ibom state, most specifically , the Igbos business men.
    According to our source, whom we would refer to as anonymous, these unscrupulous Igbo business men have found a heaven in Akwa Ibom state, where they perpetrate their dubious and heinous activitivies against the people unchecked.
    These fellows, who according to our findings, in collaboration with some dubious Bakers association in the state have perfected plans to embark on strike, come sometimes this week, in order to press home their plan inrcrease of the price of bread in a an unrighteous gang up against the customers. They are also in the habit of repackaging, reprinting and extending the expiry dates of expired product, as well as selling adulterated and substandard product to the unsuspecting public, at the expense of the customers healthy!


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