15 May, 2016


"PDP laid on you  a heavy yoke, I will make it even heavier.  PDP scorged you with whip, i will scorge you with scopion"1Kings 12:11

This is a story in the bible that seems to be replaying in Nigeria today. Nigerians are dying and government is not caring. 

The story in the book of 1kings 12: 1-19 is exactly what the Nigerian populace are experiencing under the presidency of President Mohammadu Buhari and his APC led government.  Nigerians are dying and government is not caring.

The “APC, change!” and the “sai Baba” buy was the biggest gamble Nigerians made in the run to the 2015 general election that saw him and his party clinch and voted to power. The chant was the darling chant of everyone, (at least the majority) when it appears the PDP government under former President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was enthroning corruption and more corruption, losing the supports of the citizenry.  Then, Nigerians were suffering, government was not caring.

Baba Buhari and his “well-oiled propaganda machine, stirred by the now, minister of information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed become the hope of the people, that would fight for the masses, and deliver us from the heavy yoke the former government of PDP fostered on us. Because, Nigerians were suffering and government was not caring.
Just as the Israelites in the above quoted scripture pleaded with King Rehoboam, Nigerian masses, before the election also cried and looked onto Buhari and APC, with the hope that, as we informed him of how Goodluck Jonathan and his PDP cohorts used to share the money in Abuja and subjected us to elk a living for ourselves by any means. How we ended up providing water, security and other government’s responsibility to its citizens by ourselves. Nigerians were suffering and government was not caring.

We chanted “Sai Baba and hoped for a bye bye to the “jati jati and yama yama” of having to be the one to provide electricity and provide power for ourselves and yet be made to pay for electricity we didn’t consume by fire by force. We “cleared” Baba Buhari of the many anomalies that went on in the former government of PDP and thought we had received his sympathy on how there were less very little jobs, and how when government implements a policy that isn’t favourable to Labour, and when Labour decides to go on a demonstration, and it becomes the people who don’t have government’s or any paid employment that ends up suffering more- thus how the massive gap that exist between the rich and the poor in the country! Nigerians were indeed suffering and government wasn’t caring. But like Jehoboam’s reply, a typical of what we are experiencing under Buhari, the “perceived heavy yoke” under the PDP led government would be considered a heaven. Nigerians are now dying and government is not caring.

A tuber of a sickly looking yam goes for N800 naira jale! Four pieces of small size common home grown tomatoes goes for N400, and to buy the much that would cook for you, a bachelor a pot of stew, you would be coughing out a near N2, 000 for tomatoes alone. “On top of how much wey dem  dey pay you?” Nigerians are dying, government is not caring.

Electricity charges have now gone over 300% from what we used to pay under Jonathan and PDP and you are almost always forced to pay in the face of intimidation because you feel it is not fair! Nigerian are dying, government is not caring.
Petrol for our cars and generators have gone from being so scarce and sold for over N300 in many parts of the country, to now being sold officially for N145 in NNPC stations and OYO in others. Nigerians are now truly dying and government is not caring. 

The Vice President, a man of God and the Minister of Power, works and housing are calling on citizens to see it as sacrifice, how much more is it going to be only the people that would always need to sacrificed, while they, our leaders live in affluence and opulence? Nigerians are dying, government is not caring. 
Labour has mobilized for a show down, government might after some days of the masses suffering reverts to, may be N120. There would be a little increment for workers, oil people, transporters, traders and service providers would adjust their prices and the Nigerian masses would now die finally, and government would helped to bury her citizens. Nigerians are dying and government is not caring.

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