17 March, 2016


The current electricity billing system of power distribution companies in Nigeria is criminal and unacceptable. But like every other service providers who finds heavens in Nigeria, they have been taking us for granted, because nobody has tried to legally enforce his or her fundamental rights, as respective regulatory agencies failed to protect their fellow citizens, instead many find themselves into the pay role of these evil companies. Tell me, how can they do their work? 

From MTN, Airtel, Glo, NNPC Nigeria and what have you had had a fill day because we don’t have the custom of approaching the law court in any discontent. And the impression the system gives; even suggest it is an uphill task. And trust Nigerians! We live on the “Now, “shortimesm” as one politician coined!

But having had it up to ‘here’ with this evil electricity stealing, ‘sorry’ billing and bulling me to pay or cut me off in an economic reality brought about by a regime that since she came to power to change things for us as we voted, she has only succeeded in changing our socio-economic condition from bad to worse, I have decided to sue. I am pressing charges against DISCO for the violation of my economic right and forcefully collecting my money without delivering on the bargain. I am also suing the government for, despite the fact that they have admitted to failing Nigerians in the supply of electricity, they allowed DISCO to raise the billing even unto over 500% on the citizens, even unto this month. I am going to be seeking redress. And I advise you do too.

Earlier this week, we did a report on the need for a refund or suspension of the current estimated billing system by DISCO that makes me pay every month as if I am operating a cold room or running some manufacturing plants. I am going to be asking for damage on the ground of emotional and economic trauma their practices has cause me, and even If I don’t get anything, some refunds for the last four months would be quite enough to give to MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, the bank and the other parasites that suck on the people as Bob Marley sums it up “Sucking the blood of the sufferers”

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