20 February, 2016

Sue Me If You Can, Falana Dares PDP Chair, Ali Modu Sheriff!

In what could be term as an aerial open confrontation, Human Rights Lawyer, Femi Falana (SAN) openly criticised and labelled the new People’s Democratic Party Chairman, Senator Ali Modu sheriff as the man that established and sponsored Boko Haram, the dreaded terrorist group that has killed over twenty thousand (20, 000) Nigerians in the North east.
Speaking in an event in Abuja, the fearless Legal luminary without mincing words,   pointed out with the following words:

“One man who’s very very important started the Boko Haram crises in Borno State. The governor, one Ali Modu Sheriff” The Senior advocate of Nigeria pointed out fearlessly.
Frowning at what he described as “An attempt to insult the collective intelligence and memories of Nigerians by Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, when he addressed the press and denied any link with the dreaded dangerous Boko Haram sect",  The human right advocate informed the gathering.

He further pointed out to his listeners, that he did replied Alhaji Sheriff’s lies, and he is expecting to be sued, as he threatened suing the Australian negotiator that once accused him of funding the sect.

“You don’t have to go to Australia to sue anyone, come and sue me, what you are looking for in Sokoto, is in the pocket of your sokoto” The Human Right Lawyer dares. 

“He did not only funded and provided them with logistic, he also had a deal with them in 2003, when he wanted to go for his second term as Governor” Mr. Fala further revealed to the gathering.
“The former governor won the election, and then appointed Alhaji Bukusoy as the commissioner of religious affairs to implement sharia in the state, but on the day the new commissioner attended the first executive council meeting, he discovered that all the people were talking about is contract and the stealing of money. He then went back to the camp of Boko Haram, who sent him and reported to them” Falana revealed.

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