22 February, 2016


Dr Reuben Abati devoted his intellectual energy and time to arrive at the beautiful caption, “Jumoke the bread seller, the Nigerian Cinderella story”. The former Special adviser to former President, Dr Goddluck Ebelle Jonathan, (GEJ) even spend more time to lavished more praise on the Photography wizardry and the ingenuity of TY Bello, artist, Entrepreneur, mother and wife.

In fact, Dr Abati and many other sophisticated writers and journalist in the country, who like our corporate organisations, who wouldn’t lift a finger if there’s nothing in for them, but are now running neck over heels, like vultures that have found a carcass, exhausted enough ink and vocabularies to tell and re-enact this beautiful story of our time.

Ever since the breaking out of this bread seller trend, I have heard many motivational speakers and Life Coaches retold and analysed the event of the grass to grace story around their coinage to attract attention to whatever they are doing. A certain construction company has offered her a fully furnished luxury apartment, Stanbic IBTC made her one of their products ambassador (Payporte) and many other goodwill that though, one is happy for a fellow ‘wailing’ citizen in this hard economic times and would mind such fortune replicate itself on one, one is also quick to point at the hypocrisy of corporate organisations and all these big and successful people that had gone ahead in their chosen field of profession, and can lift a finger to make a different in several people’s lives around them like TY Bello and Jumoke but won’t.  

They are all falling over each other to be part of a success story someone has created, which they equally have the power to. They love to tell someone else story and wouldn’t want someone to tell theirs. If only all the top men, women and corporate organisations in our country can have such genuine human compassion, onward looking and believe that every human is a treasure waiting to be exploited just like TY Bello, hunger and extreme poverty, which is the top agenda of the MDGs would be fought to a standstill. #GodBlessNigeria. 

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