27 January, 2016

Why Akwa Ibom Should Not Allow Umana!

I am not a fan or supporter of Udom, but candidly Umana is not an option. Trust me on this and I would tell you why.
Voting or settling for Umana would automatically mean a choice to remain with the past, and we all know and can tell that our leaders of the past and prominent people hadn’t in anyway helped our course as a people collectively. Even the calibres of people Umana and his team are, clearly suggest this. Look at Barrister Mbeh, the Obot Akara man and his likes for example, that fellow is supposed to be a Barrister for crying out loud. But can anyone show me the chamber he once worked with or established apart from waiting and enriching themselves from government’s money? Compare people like that to Fashola, the former Governor of Lagos State, and the Minister of Works, Power and Housing and a whole lot of others from elsewhere with developmental vision and mind set to improve their people and land. That is the problem with these people, and the state and her people had remained in a comatose state because of their lack vision of development and expansion. They are confined to their little minds of seeking their own good alone, at the detriment of their people and land.

Don Etiebet, former minister of petroleum and defunct App national chairman, Ime Umana, Umana Okon Umana, 
Christopher Ekpeyong, former deputy governor and the rest that had been opportune to represent us at one time or the order at different capacity are part of the past that could have influenced growth and development to our land and people if they so wished and desired. But instead, they choose not, they rather choose their limited mind set of false competition of competing locally, building houses that surpasses every other house in their home town, forgetting that the more they do for their people and their land collectively expands their capacity to play nationally to their improved benefits. And we must collectively for posterity sake without sentiment block their likes and offspring from henceforth finding themselves to the corridor of power!

For once in our history, we are witnessing where our State is becoming an attracting destination for intending Youth Corp members and others, whereas, it used to be like going to Borno, Adamawa and Yobe, except for the peace. What we are arguing is that, though, Udom, Monday Ebong Uko, Etido Inyang and the other young people that are in the other side may not be it, but their resolve and shame after visiting and staying in other places would challenge them to, like the former Governor, now Senator Akpabio to embark on projects and programmes that would completely revolutionise and readjust the pendulum of our history as a people.

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