08 January, 2016



Comrade Udeme Auquo Ukpong is not your regular Nigerian youth, who only swing toward where it’s raining. Yes ambitious, but rational, objective, and principled.

Having cut his teeth in politics and student activism in his days as a student in the University of Calabar, where he held several positions and executed the trust with responsibility and fidelity, he now thinks and talks of being the next executive chairman of Uyo local government area.

In a close chat with your http://friendsofnija.blogspot.com/ platform, the soft spoken and articulate activist turn-politician bears his mind on the politics of Akwa Ibom state, the governor, and the much talked about and anticipated re-run as a member of the vibrant Akwa Ibom state youth forum, where he says have a social contract with Governor Udom Emmanuel.
Advising the youth and the people of Akwa Ibom state, he counselled them to reject the propaganda that the opposition is brandishing, saying he has been and know the state long enough to know those that are interested in seeing and are putting in place programmes and machineries that would guaranty the departure from the status quo of mere electioneering rhetoric. He revealed Udom’s passion and plans for the youth, which he said is to empower them through training, skills acquisitions and a set up and mentoring plan to help them stand on their feet instead running after politicians for a handout, and of course, the plan and steps already taken to industrialise the state despite the distraction.

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