16 January, 2016


A ‘save our soul’ cry has gone out to the presidency, the Nigerian people, civil society organisations, human right groups and of course to the United Nation from 3,000 Nigerian soldiers for what they term as a deliberate orchestrated plan by the army leadership to victimised them. Despite the decision and order from the president for the soldiers, who were earlier dismissed to be pardoned and reabsorbed into the service because of the unclear circumstances surrounding their predicaments, reports from the soldiers indicate that they are being subjected to untold inhumane treatment and daily abuse of their rights by the evicting of some of their wards from their respective bases, starvation, and going without salaries for several months.

It would be recalled that last week, there were reports of 3,000 dismissed and reabsorbed soldiers who decided to go on hunger strike, and to refused being redeployed to the troubled North-east because they were not being posted back to their units. Describing the report as abomination, The Defence Head Quarter, DHQ, through the Director of Defence Information, DDI, Brig-Gen. Rabe Abubakar in a statement last Monday, as quoted from THISDAYLIVE newspaper, Jan. 11, 2016 rubbished the report, and ascribed it to the handiwork of mischief makers from online reporters.  In his word, “There is no iota of truth at all in the story” the Defence spoke man concluded.

But in a swift contradictory position with Brig-Gen. Rabe, and the DHQ, a call from some of the affected soldiers, who craved anonymous to your Nigeria Friendly platform revealed the hell the soldiers are going through in the hands of the military command, contrary to what they are letting out to the public. The soldiers, who all took turn to state their own side of what happened, from their inglorious survival from the infamous Sambisa forest, which they said were by God’s grace, the orderly-room trial and court-marshal, their dismissal,  their arrest and keeping them in confinements, the news of their reabsorption and others bears marks and tale-tell sign of a vindictive racket of corrupt senior men and women of our military who have created a corruption pipe to syphoned and deny our military personnel their entitlement, after receiving sae in full in their budget from the government.

They told us of how they used to survive on unripe mangoes, as the military wouldn’t provide them with food, nor allowed them to be visited by their families, how food that would not be enough for a thousand people would be brought for three thousand, and all sorts of others we wouldn’t want to put here for national security sake. They are calling on relevant authorities, more especially the presidency to set up an independent panel of enquiry into their plight and the general modalities of executing the war on insurgence.    

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