22 December, 2015


As Marco Materazi once said to JOSE mourinho when he was living Inter Milan, after winning the Champions league,
“You ass-hole, you are going to make us end up with Benitez”, so also the majority of the Akwa Ibom people seem to be saying to Deacon Udom Emmanuel, “You stingy un-discerning mule , you are going to make us end up with Umana Umana”  

“If we want change, the change has to be total and moral. Not by some ambitious carpet-crossers, who have been part and parcel of the rot, and now turning around to capitalize on the same problem they fostered on us”.--- Mr. Duke Effiok, a respondent from Nsit-Ubium local government area, same local government where Umana Umana comes from.

If it happens that they have to go on a re-run, Udom should forget it because…

  • There is an ambush being laid for him by the people, who voted for him initially on the bases of the reference and endorsement of former governor, now Senator Akpabio.

  • The People are angry and hungry. They feel used and dumped by Udom’s officials and appointees, whom they worked for in their respective constituencies, who now have relocated from their homes, and are now avoiding the people, some even rudely turning down the people.Governor
  •  Udom is too consume by his banking philosophy and prudency, that he refused to understand the social system that empowers the people, as practiced by previous governor, and as a result there are massive loss of jobs, as the businesses that was established and had the people working was sustained by this social system, and has now collapse because of Udom’s stinginess.The
  •  recent ruling of the Appellate court on the appeal by the Akwa bom state’s All Progressive Congress which nullified the election of Deacon Udom Emmanuel of the People’s Democracy party, and ordered a re-run in the whole thirty one (31) local government areas is definitely not settling well with the majority of the people. 

Prior to this recent ruling, the state’s election petition tribunal had in her ruling, only cancelled and ordered a re-run in 18 out of the 31 local government areas, which still gave the sit-in governor an advantage. But with the current situation, which granted the APC their wish of a re-run, the attitudes of Udom’s Appointees and officials of his cabinet toward the people, couple with Udom’s naivety and lack of understanding of Nigeria’s political game, the Deacon-Banker, cum politician can only pray and work to avoid failing at the supreme court which I believe remain the last resort.
Though the big media platforms, like Sahara reporters and the rest have reported and brandished pockets of broom wilding jubilating crowd to mean that everyone in the state is happy because of the judgement, the truth remains that the fear and the apprehensions of a whole lot of the majority of the morally, truthful and fair dealings Akwa Ibomites, who believe in fairness and equity for everyone that is involve in a project is more than the four bunch of brooms and eleven men and few keke napeps that we saw that was given the caption, ”JUBULATIONS BREAKS OUT ON AKWA IBOM STREETS, FOLLOWING APPEAL RULING AND ALL SORTS”.

But it is going to be for free that I am advising the sit in governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel. 

If the embattle Governor ever wants to remain on that seat as the governor of the fastest emerging state of the South South, he should hire the best of lawyers, present the best of argument and play the PR game as define by the Nigerian society and avoid by all means failing at the Supreme Court for himself and for the people. Because if he does fail, he should simply just kiss that ambition bye-bye, ‘B’cos He Can’t And Won’t Win At The Re-Run. Except things change

As reflected in a research we initiated and carried out on the social media platforms occupied by the indigenous people of Akwa Ibom state, home and abroad, eg, Ibom on face book, Akwa Ibom political forum, as well as interacting with a certain sample on the streets of the state, etc. 

These forums enjoy massive followers and membership. And though the opposition make more noise, and raise the roof over political issues and perception of government in the state, they still remain in the minority. And despite the seemingly support for the governor against his opponent, the people are still not happy with him.
The governor would have his principal officers and himself to content with as his albatross.
Though the majority of the people frown at having Umana Umana, whom they feel that- “if at all there was embezzlement and corruption in the state, he is part of it all, having been part and top member of every of the governments, and a tough fellow to deal with in term of generosity, even in his local government” an indigene of Insit-Ubium, same local government where the APC flag bearer, Umana Umana came from added.
As I said earlier, the governor’s top officials and appointees, who used the people to accomplished victory for the governor in the cancelled election have now stop patronising the people, as was the practice in the previous administration, as a result the living standard of the people have dropped, owing to loss of jobs and failing businesses.

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