10 November, 2015



  1. You send a message, and they billed and deducted your money, only for them to come back later and said, “Message sending fail” without refunding you.
  2. You make a certain seconds or minutes of call which they were supposed to bill you accordingly as the rate suggest, only for them to bill you more.
  3. They send a pop up they would say “Enter for the chance to win blab la bla bla (happy day promo or whatever)  (for free), only for them to turn round and keep deducting a hundred, two or more as long as you have money in your phone daily.
  4. They send you an sms informing you of a (free) ring back tone, only for them to turn around and start deducting N50 monthly from your airtime.
  5.  They send a cheap question to you to answer and win something, only to answer the question endlessly without winning anything and your money deducted at every question you answered.
  6. ‘Lie lie’ ‘Who want to be a millionaire’ game show, which you might play endlessly before even coming on their useless hot seat, or never coming for eternity.
  7. You recharge your phone and went to sleep, only to wake up the next day and want to make a call and you are told that “you do not have the sufficient balance to make that call”           
  8. You tried calling a customer service and you could end up remaining on line till your battery runs out, without getting through to a customer service agent to complain.
  9. You send sms and you are billed, and the message did not reach the party you wanted to send message to.
  10. That MTN, like Etisalat, Airtell and Glo do not have one building in Nigeria, but are only renting.

Only one, and I might be helping them to pay.
We are only aware of these discrepancies and unwholesome business practices going on because we know, or at least we’d attained some level of education to know. What about Iya sukura at Oyingbo, Mama Bili in Sabon gari, Mama Chukwudi in Ariaria market, Mr. Opue, and many more illiterates (phone illiterates) and semi illiterates that don’t know?
 Take one of these old people’s phones and see all manners of deductions they experience and have to leave with on daily bases all in the name of owing a phone. And they don’t even know, even if they know they don’t know what to do about it.

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