06 November, 2015


From me to you, Nigeria to change her name in 2017: (Reuben Abati, Professor Wole Soyinka, and others in the know.

Like delivering the Ten Commandments of God through a tripartite formation in the three individuals, Moses, Aaron and Miriam, each playing a distinctive role, Professor Wole Soyinka, the literary icon and Nobel Laurite, discerned and received a high and difficult to comprehend message for the men and women of his country. He then put it in a book, as his habit and profession, Dr. Reuben Abati, equally a man with the understanding and gifting of interpreting high knowledge stepped in and decoded, simplify and brought the message to the knowledge of us all, and your friendsofnija.blogspot.com.ng, then decided to also squeezed in itself to play the third role of Miriam, who, having been among the people, understands, feels and know the right words to use in communicating the message to the people, such a way they would understand.

As recorded in the Christian’s bible, the law, from which every human laws and civilisations drinks from to live is spiritual and cannot be understood by mere, ordinary and mischievous mortals, as we’re constituted in Nigeria, our country today, (The republic of Liars). So Dr Abati took from Professor, Baba Wole Soyinka, a higher message with the demands for a higher knowledge and understanding, and I, knowing the whack and mischievous distorted minds most of you reading have, and knowing that one of you must surely abused me or post a derogatory comment on Nairaland as you read, (that’s if your mischievous tendency would even allow you the patience to read through) took from Uncle Reuben also to tell you, so that you would understand the message in simple every day and our regular language that you can understand, before you start going around, and distorting facts to pollutes the public mind, and then damage and destroys the relationship and the sense of community which we should be having with one another as a people from the same country, as Reuben said, Baba said.
Sorry you might be feeling whats my own? You would have to get it into your understanding that what ever is Uncle Abati’s own in recommending, or taking Baba’s message with his difficult to understand vocabularies and many words, to Nigerians and posterity, automatically forms my own and many other concern Nigerians, who are becoming concern with the many hates and irresponsive behaviours among Nigerians toward each other. Tune on your trending topics on Nairaland and you would be scared at the lack of respect for each other and the ill will and lies that pervades the land- the youths, more guilty of this.

So as God would rather picked a spiritual man with a soul and understanding, Moses, and another next in understanding man, Aaron, then Miriam tagged along to play the big sis, that took care of him in his infancy and rolled more with the people more to understand them more, automatically played the go-between. The above explained tripartite formation of the discerner receiving the message in it undiluted and difficult to understand state for the priest, who in turn would decode the spiritual terminologies and higher knowledge and interprets it to the undiscerning and uncomprehensive gullible masses, to educate and warn them of the consequences of their actions now constitute our own tripartite team.
What Proff seems to be saying that Uncle Reuben wants us to listen and embrace is that, “the people we look up unto as leaders, who had been managing our affairs are all liars”  And Since our leaders are all suffering from the diseases of selfishness, ego, self-delusion, and obsessive compulsive elementary propensity that turns them, grown up adults into shameless liars, that have now given birth to an illustrative archetypes of hydra-headed, much more bigger crises and a threat to our individual peaceful existence as a country in you as the smaller many baby liars. And since the followers feeds and are left in the wilderness of their lies, He also said that soon, “Our dear country’s name, Nigeria would be given a new name call ‘The Republic Of Liars, “where defective memories, an affliction worse than amnesia, but closer to dementia and psychosis are standard fare.” Dr. Abati pointed out from Professor Soyinka’s book, which he, the author describes as the ‘nastiest’. What they and we the concern Nigerians are saying is that lies prevails because we the citizens loves and engage in parading these lies, which our selfish leaders lies to us, we now have become the archetypes of hydra headed, one bigger liars that is posing a serious threat and crises to the society. #GodblessNigeria.

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