25 November, 2015


Despite effort of the Rector of Akwa Ibom State polytechnic, Dr. Israel Affiah to sanitised and achieved academic excellence for the institution, some greedy Lecturers of the school seem to be head bend on sabotaging his sincere effort with their greed.
Findings among students and some staff of the institution by your Friendsofnaija platform revealed that lecturers are of the habit of imposing as mandatory that newly admitted student of the school pay a whopping sum of eight to ten thousand (N8, 000 to N10, 000) additional nairas in their respective departments for some irrelevant books against the rule of the school. 

Although the Rector, who has so far transformed and improved on the reputation and image of the higher institution that used to be famous for her notoriety in cultism, disruption of academic calendars, un-seriousness among her student and lecturers, that they used to refer to her as a glorify secondary school, is not even aware of the high handedness and gradual soiling and disruption of all that he had laboured for as his tenure wind up.
Our findings revealed that, to encourage lecturers, the Rector had set up a community, where lecturers can submit their works for vetting and determination of prices, the lecturers wouldn’t have any of such, as they now forced students, especially the jambites to pay that much in their respective departments in deviance to the community and the objective of the school not to over taxed parents and guardians. Other findings that we would not want to bring up until we have a chart with the Rector and other relevant bodies of the school are mind blowing, but for the social responsibility demand of the profession, we would do that after cross checking with affected parties.

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