12 February, 2015

Bringing back our Girls, I have never been more confidence than now------ Jonathan.

If what the President said in his yesterday’s media chat is anything to go by, then respite would soon come the way of the entire nation and the international community, and most especially the parents of the abducted Chibok girls, who had waited so long with disgust at the responds of government in rescuing their daughters from their abductors.
The President, whom, while responding to questions on the abducted girls in his 8th media chat last Wednesday, revealed that he, as the President and everyone close to him have been tortured day and night by the abduction of the girls more than everyone else in the country. He also hinted with confidence that he doesn’t want to divulge more information than necessary, but promised that the girls would be rescued in the next couple weeks from yesterday. Hear him…
“In the coming days or weeks, you would see what would happen; you would begin to see lot of activities that would lead to the rescue of the girls, if they’re still alive. Of course I don’t want to believe that anything has happened to them, we hope to get them back alive. I am hopeful on recovering the girls now than before”

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