05 February, 2015




Kirnua, Bodaga told me was his beat alongside the other members of the security operative that comprise of the JTF, as they fight from several fronts to repelled the insurgence away from Baga, the head quarters to the joint multinational task force that was captured by the insurgence some couple of weeks ago. Apparently the insurgence had identified Baga as their key operation target, and had been making frantic attempt to capture the town and the combined military base before they finally did the day they did.

According to my friend, he’d just finished his sentry at six o’clock that morning in Kirnua, one of the villages in New Marte local government area of Borno State, one of the strong centers of the insurgence, and was just about removing his booth to ease his aching feet, when he saw two vans full of the men of the Nigerian custom service, who were holding operation some meters ahead of the team my friend was a member.

“O boy these stupid and crazy boys don dey com’oo!” The Van paused to announce.

LEGEND OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER: NIGERIAN ECOMOG SOLDIERS AT THE BATTLE ...But before my friend and his crew could pack the few belongings they could take and to rescue the arms at their position from finding its way into the insurgence’s hand, the frightful van and it passengers took off immediately, refusing to wait and carry along the JTF men.

They stood dumfounded, as they watched their only hope of escaping from an impending slaughter in the hands of over a thousand insurgence that were advancing toward them with a back up armor tank and foot soldiers with sophisticated arm and endless rapid bullets strapped round (some) their jalabia top over a camouflage or khaki trousers they would’d stripped off their previous victims, (JTF) or the camouflage top on their jalabia trousers, as they would’d managed to share among themselves that at least everyone was holding something, no matter how small. Caps, belts, booths and anything they would’d stolen from their captured victims.

Unknown to the fleeing custom men, the insurgence, in a Tom and Jerry game with the government’s troops had either came during the night or through a saboteur among the soldiers, or still some of the indigenes and carefully and successfully laid explosive mines round the vicinity without the knowledge of the JTF, trapping them completely. And as the custom men sped off, without premonition, they ran into the mines, which detonated instantly, sending the two vans up in shrapnel, the whole custom officers in the two vans completely destroyed.

Nigerian soldiers check vicinity of Boko Haram village near Maiduguri ...Apparent and contrary to speculation that the head quarters of radical group is the notorious Sambisa forest, their real head quarter is in Bagaza, a desert enclave inside the Chad republic. And they’d in the night laid their mines from the surroundings of east, and south of the entire position of the little over twenty men of the JTF, and were attacking from the west and living north, which would eventually lead to their head quarters in Bagaza, in Chad, an orchestrated plan to capture the security men alive.
The insurgence, whom my source revealed, that on quality and withstanding power would require approximately two thousands of them to withstand ten motivated and ‘willing to fight’ Nigerian security force, were cursing while shooting sporadically as they approached the soldiers, rejoicing at the sight of the explosion which they believe had destroyed the infidel’s government force.

The soldiers warning themselves with the lesson from the destroyed custom men, packed what they could pack from their threatened position, and brought out their mines and bomb detector, as it began to identify areas laden with mines from a distance. Taking a retreat, they approached the spot where the bloods and the remnants of the custom men lies and tip toed between blown off turn flesh and blood soaked ground and past out of the trap that was set for them, as the insurgence which my friend said just shoot without aiming at target started appearing in sight.

They run, and fought, they shoot, killed, killed, and got killed. They ran out of ammunitions and resort to physical and brain combat to capture and use the insurgence weapons to defend themselves and to stay alive. The battle lasted for over six hours and led to him and other two of his colleagues missing in action, and declared death after eighteen days by the authority before he eventually reconnected with life, covering a distance that could be as long as from Ikeja to Badagry, walking.

Someday I’ll tell the story of how Abubakar Shekau was killed, as my friend, who was there the night the terrorist leader was defeated and many other interesting stories of the front as he told me. But for now there’s a lot going on in the country we owe our readers to bring it to them. Friendsofnija.blogspot.com loves you, and thank you for your supports.           


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