02 February, 2015


 I came out last Saturday; 8’o clock in the morning, following a relatively favorable weather as a result of the rain that’d fell Friday morning, though I learned APC is accusing PDP for the rain, as they said it was meant to disrupt their presidential campaign in Lagos. You’ll agree with me that since the harmattan finally bided us good bye, not sure if she’ll return next year or not, the nights had been unbearable as a result of excessive heat, but for the Friday night/Saturday morning, sleep was good. 

The boys’d already started congregating, as I’d heard them talking earlier by my window before I went out to joined them, to see if there was anything to lazy on along, while we wait out the all powerful Lagos State’s end of month’s sanitation exercise. Thank God for the charged up political activities that now offer something to talk about, plus the ‘Sai Baba’ ‘disease’ which my neighbors seemed to have also caught the bug. 

We’d already started analyzing the individual effectiveness and political savvy of the Jagaband, which we all agreed was the back bone of the opposition’s push to capture the country’s throne of power, which seem to be gaining momentum on daily bases, when my phone rang:
“Toney inna ke ke?” The voice demanded, excitedly, as if it’d everyday you have someone that rarely relates with his old and formative years’ peeps! {TRANSLATION} (Where are you?)
(Kai, dan Shedan, where in Hell’ve you been?” I demanded. (You son of a devil)
“Don’t worry am alive” He announced, before he set out to informed me that he was in town, and would want to see me, before he goes back to his beat next tomorrow as they battle to recapture Kirnua, a post he said they lost last week to the insurgence, after a fierce battle that lasted for days.
Bodaga, as commonly referred to is one of us, like Rex and others, who decided to go into the security service after we graduated from the Army Day Secondary School, in Bama some over fifteen years ago. And Bama is the largest local government area in Borno State, which is reported to be currently under the control of the members of the radical insurgence group, Boko Haram. At a time everyone of the old confraternity seemed to had given up on Bodaga as they’d in the past called several times to complained of his annoying habits of not returning calls, and keeping up with the old ‘confra’, which though most of us haven’t seen each other for those long a time, but still keep track with each other through the exchange and our old boys and girls association’s facebook group.  
Last July, when I’d had course to travelled to Kaduna, and was told that he’s based in Kaduna, I’d made effort to hook up with him, only to had the phone rang without him picking, nor had he considered it civilized to returned the call later, if he claimed he was busy as of when I called. And I was told by the guys and ladies that’d experienced him that that is a typical Bodaga’s treat. So his calling and coming to see me last Saturday was something others considered I was lucky for, or that he really might be holding me in high esteem.
Bodaga told me lots of first hand stories about the Boko Haram war, which he confidently told me that men of his constituency have the capacity to quail, but for undue politics and complexities involving the politician, some Islamic clerics, welfare/motivation, and sincerity and commitment toward stamping out the insurgence on the parts of the military hierarchy.
Kirnua, Bodaga told me was their beat along the other members of the security operators that make up the JTF, as they fight on several fronts to repelled the insurgence away from Baga, the head quarter to the joint multinational task force that was captured by the insurgence some couple of weeks ago.

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