18 January, 2015


Most of us might not know where Damboa is, but most of us who’d been keeping up with the News and latest happenings lately should. But for a reminder, and bringing you up to date, Damboa is a local government in Borno state, where it was reported and awashed in the news some times late last year that members of the Islamic Sect, Boko Haram ran riot, slaughtering soldiers and the inhabitants of the place and completely taking over and burning the town down as it is their custom.
So when Rex, (Not real name) a child hood friend, and a year my senior in secondary school posted in his FB time line that he’s on his way to Damboa, we all in our old boys association prayed, and wished him well, while he go to fight for me and you, and our country. So I’m using this exalted platform, Friends of Naija (FON) blogspot to canvassed for more prayers for our Rex and all the other gallants and patriotic soldiers, who’re putting their lives on the line to push the terrorist back and to stop their continuous advancement, to where they’ll get to us in Abuja and Lagos.
With a heavy hard and apprehension, I’d simply commented and pleaded with him to avoid trying to be a ‘Commando or a Rambo’, which I know we all love to, but to be careful and stay and return back to us alive. I told him categorically that we need men, not heroes. Incidentally Rex’s father, like mine and others is a soldier, who died on active service since 2003, and up to the time I was putting this texts together, Rex is not on talking terms with his younger sister, Asabe and his mother, reason being that they believed he’d collected their father’s gratuity and entitlement and denied them a share, being the next of kin, while in reality as he told me, the military’s finance department/ authority haven’t paid him after several attempt and pursuing it and risking being fired from his job.
How much more can a country demand from a young man? How much more would they continue to ask Nigerian youth to contribute? Have we not contributed enough, while they continue to mismanaged our collective common wealth?
Drop me a line and I’ll tell you more about Rex’s predicament, but for the mean time, pray that he comes back alive, along all the other Soldiers.

God bless Nigeria!
God bless our military!
And may God bless and grant them victory over the evil forces fighting against our country in all front!

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