24 January, 2015


All Progressive Congress’ Spoke Man, Alhaji Lai Mohammed is in a dilemma over suspicion that his wife could be cheating on him. Alhaji Mohammed, who had all the while believed his wife of many years, was honest, loving and sincerely committed to their relationship, only stumbled unto some revelation recently from the ruling party that suggest otherwise, 
and got him so worried.

The revelation came during a heated debate between the APC scribe and Dr. Kachi Onunuju, a chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), when the PDP man told the audience in the Nigerian Political Parties Debate on Thursday in Abuja, organised by the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD), Abuja, that the price of food stuffs and other items has started coming down, and others have remain relatively stable, even during the festive period. Dr. Kachi, who spoke with much confidence and optimism got the opposition man so wrath, that he had to excused the moderator, and demanded “If Dr. Kachi is living in this same country, or just arriving from the moon?” Mr. Mohammed also questioned his wife’s sincerity in the light of the aforementioned information, by informing the gathering that despite the claim by the PDP scribe, his wife has continued to demand the same amount of money, even more, required for housekeeping, and conclude that either his wife had been cheating on him, or Dr. Kachi is living somewhere out of reality.    

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