27 January, 2015


This American government must be ‘highing’  up on some strange substance to think that threatening to deny Danlami and the other ‘election violence’ offenders in the North and the Rivers would deter them from hacking down and sliding the throats of innocent NYSC members and destroying people’s properties? What’re they thinking, who told them that Ganiyu cares for their VISA anyway?

Even if they managed to established that the killers and destroyers did their evils on behalf of GMB or GEJ, who told them that Buhari cares about their VISA, are they not aware that GEJ prefers Germany and Asari Dokubo, Saudi Arabia, while Abubakar Shekau deals with Russia and the Sudan, while Buhari knows an Alfa in Daura that mixes agbo that agrees so well with his systems as it always renew his age and courage.

I was thinking the old man was coming to scare us personally that President Obama would not hesitate to send his strike force to come down and haul our asses, or hunts and extradite whoever instigate violence and can’t call their followers or   may be. If just threatening not to invite me any more for lunch in your house is all you have, you might’ve as well just send a mail to the American embassy here in Walter Carrington in Lagos, and they would’d gotten Punch and Guardian to tell us. Do they know how many people they’d been denying VISAS for how long? Heaven fall ni? Abbbeegggi, I see why you couldn’t win election.
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