01 December, 2014


Our country has never in her history required leaders that needed to stand up and be counted by the citizens than now. The kind of leaders we’d had over the years, apart from the likes of Gen. Yakubu Gowon, and Gen. Murtala Mohammed (All retired), had been those that only serve their interest and the interest of the few selfish fools that congregate in the door of power with the one objective of dragging as many with good intentions for the country as they could to share in their hell and the punishment that corruption, greed and selfishness holds for their likes. And one of such punishments is to be despised by the people you’d led, leading or want to lead. Little wonder they become prisoners in the midst of their affluence and ill-gotten wealth, as the God of the needy, whom they deprived of justice keep confining them to death, while they’re still alive.

Just last week, in the tumultuous rage of insurgency and aspirant trying to court support from the people as they travel round the country, the former president, and self-acclaim father of modern Nigeria, Chief, (Gen) Olusegun Obasanjo came out smoking with double cylinder barrel of daunting allegations against the sitting president, President Goodluck Ebele, Jonathan. Though the allegation have truth in them, and it has achieve the purpose in which it was meant, which was to cause resentment and stir the citizens against the president, who have declared his intention to seek a second term in office.
Worried GEL
Talking to my friends and brothers from the Northern part of the country, more especially The North East region, the hatred for the president has assume a dimension I have never seen before, not even in the Abacha years, where people only rolled out the drums to celebrate after his dead. They’re angry at the president as OBJ would want them to for failing to protect them against insurgence, which I am too, they’re angry at the president for biting economy and dwindling hope of survival, while our economy managers chant economic growth.  And scanning and taking stock of happenings as recorded in the country in the last four years, am tempted to hate and wish the president out too. This is because the president have given more promises and set up more panels of enquiries as never before, yet the bombing goes on, the blood keep flowing,  properties and economy continue to be destroyed, no corrupt leader is behind bar, but pardons and rewards for corrupt people and everything seems to be going down.
During the weekend, the president issued another promised to investigate the Kano’s Mosque bomb blast, a rhetoric I wonder if the president’s advisers and inner cabinet do not advised him against! ‘Cliché’ is a word I learned in my Feature writing curse in my second year in the university, it means constantly repeating a phrase, or thought, or sentence which my lecturer said would definitely cause what you’re trying to say to lose it meaning and potency as you constantly dished out, making people not to take you serious anymore. And that’s how we’re beginning to feel about the President’s promises for investigations and silence in the midst of corrupt government, promise to end Boko Haram soon, advised not to despair, and describing stealing as not corruption.
Having hated the president this much, can we still find space in us to hate his predecessors also? Can we hate the OBJs, IBBs and our other leaders of this world, who established a faulty foundation to make sure the country does not work even if Jesus Christ is to come down and govern us? Is there a place in us to hate those that brought and sponsor terrorism and other ills that is bedevilling the country so that we can hate our leader of the day? I have heard many argument on the economy, revenue accrued, corruption and others, but the question I want to ask is, how much has security, through the insurgency they created gulp from the entire revenue accrued from excess crude during this regime, how much from the revenue accrued have this government used in pacifying lecturers, Doctors, Oil workers etc to call off strikes and return to their works, how much has been used to settled difficult members of the national assembly to allow the president be, a tradition OBJ instituted, and how much is being budgeted for the education sector, power, roads and improve infrastructure as we could see, despite the distractions?
As Oceherome Nnanna stated in his article on Vanguard newspaper, Monday, Dec 1st, ‘OBJ, THE PROWLING GOAT SELLER’  “Yes indeed, Jonathan has his problems as a leader. He is too laid back about fighting corruption. It doesn’t seem to bother him. President Jonathan is too much in the background as my leader. I like my leaders there up front, inspiringh words, deeds and examples. I like them tough and decisive, but always putting the interest of the nation first. I don’t like walking up front and looking back for my leader.
Thirdly, I don’t like the way Jonathan has handled Boko Haram. If he had done the needful things two years ago, we would not have the second largest number of displaced persons in the world, with parts of our territory under devilish Salafist Islamists” Yes we hate Jonathan, but we hate you, our past leaders and all of you current crop of politicians more for you refused to do the needful that can entrenched a vibrant and a developed promising country for our generation unborn.
God bless Nigeria.

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