22 December, 2014

Inspector Emmanuel Ali, One Of The 7,000 Who Haven’t Bow Down To Baal (The Monster Of Corruption And The Roth) That Has So Eaten Into Our Country.

Once upon a time in Israel (in the bible) like in Nigeria, it was believed that everyone had sold their souls to Baal. And like OBJ, Elijah at that time boasted he was the only one who isn't corrupt, but was instantly corrected by God, the creator of the universe that he was either lying or not correct, He went on to correct him with un-disputable statistics that there were still 7,000 people who’d decided and chosen to free their souls and safe their integrity. Wish we have up to 7,000 in Nigeria! ego past jare! From 170million?

Going into the heart of where transparency international and other related civil rights groups and everyone in the country and the world beliefs is the head quarter of corruption (The Nigerian Police), I unearth a tale of a cop that should be an example of what a cop should be like in Nigeria. That either Inspector, Emmanuel Ali, of the Sabo division of the Lagos State Police Command consciously chose on his own volition to be different and do the right thing that can pass for a cop operation in this part of our world from the pack of the bunch that thrive in impunity and out-rightly soliciting to be corrupt, or a result from an on-going reform by the force that would soon lead to us seeing personnel’s our Nigerian police force, whom they say is your enemy (sorry your friend) start conforming with international accepted practice of their profession and what is expected of them from their fellow citizens whom they’re paid to serve, and not for the people to serve them, like our politicians. Where they would not ask you to pay money before they go and effect the arrest or invite the person you came to report, where they would not charge you exorbitantly for bail to release someone, on the road and every other negative practices the materialistic bug and epidemic that is eating into everyone in the country has driven them to. They say is workchop.
Inspector Emmanuel Ali, Sabo Police Division, Lagos State Police Command.
But not so with Inspector Ali, whom I went to report a case of someone who sold a malfunction phone to me, and refused me a refund of my money. Though the inspector didn't know that one of his boys’d already squeezed something out of me, but he was able to make sure that neither the right of the complainant or that of accuse was violated. And though my money wasn't refunded as I would've wanted, but he was able to extract a willing and convenience commitment from the phone seller when he is going to pay me. And going around among men of the police in Sabo, the testimonies they gave, and collaborated by many I could talk to that’d had dealings in the police station there in Sabo, Yaba, Lagos, was one stamp of reliability, none vindictive, efficiency, transparent, fair, just, morally steadfast and love for his country and his profession.
And I ask if everyone, including you and me can adopt such approach to our work, and such dispositions toward people we deal with and our country, oh how beautiful the future is going to be? Less I forget, even when I went to thank him for the way he handled the case, he didn’t insist I should do that by wetting the floor, you know what I mean, even when I wanted to buy him a drink, he declined and simply replied “We’re here for you” How many police, how many workers of organisations, Bank, Fast foods and services joints, customer service operators, business owners and everyone still remember that they’re there because of the people they’re supposed to be serving?
Merry Christmas Nigeria!
Let someone say good about you.    

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