04 December, 2014


Most times you wonder if it takes rocket science to solve the Nigeria’s problem, or is it just the case of the “If the foundations be destroyed, what can (even) the righteous do?”as the word of God says in the bible?

From when I can remember or can read and understand events and happening in our country, from the times of Shagari, Buhari, IBB, Abiola, Shonekon, Abacha, Abdulsalam, OBJ, Yar’Aduar, GEJ, and all the other blood sucking politicians and destructive vampires waiting on line, and scrambling to ascend the leadership position of our country, none of them ever, and would ever have your well-being in their hearts as they currently congregate. They hold no love and think no good about you, but themselves and cronies. (Let me tell you this for free) To these crop of politicians as we have in both the PDP and the APC of today, the patronage to their fellow big men and serving their selfish interest are paramount, not you, not the country, that is the singular reason why China built the world's largest hydroelectric plant~22,000MW for $25B, while Nigeria spent $35.45B for 2,500MW, yet there’s no light, that’s why someone would embezzled as much as twenty billion and more and the court would sentence them to refund Three Hundred And Sixty Thousand (N360,000.00)  or be granted presidential pardon, or still national honour and portfolios and lots other rubbishes that shouldn't be heard even among thieves, talk less people entrusted with the piloting of the affairs of an entire sovereign country.

 Sometimes you wonder what would it take for our politicians and leaders to declare a band on the importation of generating sets and crude oil produce, declared the power sector a state of emergency, criminalised corruption, discourage ostentatious living and the insatiable desire for vanity among our public servants, and encourage selfless service among our leaders in people’s service!  As you ponder on these things, then the missing jig-saw always comes staring at you. What our leaders consider as priorities are not what you and I’re thinking, theirs’ is how to destroy our country and create enclaves for themselves and those patronising them, and this they’d elevated top above serving, defending and improving the lives of the people.
Send them packing.


I might not poses or have the right to any source of power or have the authority as social science’s law stipulates to be in the right position to recommend to you a capable, trusted and credible leader that truly love our country and his people, that would bring us out of the wood as the opportunity to choose our leader beckon again come 2015. But I want to use this opportunity to appeal to you my fellow Nigerians, most especially the youth that had borne and suffered the blunt of these secret society that our past and current leaders currently practice and call democracy and leadership to rise up and say no to this settings, they’d set up in conspiracy to rape and stifle our development. This is the opportunity for us to do our own back as they’d done us, to ‘waylaid’ them, and send them all on compulsory retirements and assume the piloting of our family estate before they completely run us down and out with their inept, wicked democracy and leadership style, as they currently practice.
They must go.

Are we to take to the street and protest until someone is send to jail, or killed like in Egypt, Algeria, Libya and Burkina Faso? No, we’re not going to take that route; those routes are the easiest route for them to come back, and hijack and penetrate our ranks and contaminate us with their venomous poisons of corruption, tribalism, nepotism and ‘patronage government’ as they’d already mastered the trick.

 We have been presented with the opportunity with that card that’d been given to you, call VOTER’S CARD to vote them all APC, PDP, and the others congregations of  hawks that’d been destroying our country out and chase them to the village, on a compulsory retirement bases, to make them leave our country alone for us to build. Though we’ll not be like them; we’ll take electricity to them and develop the rural areas and confined them their as a penalty for their wickedness against this great country, God had designed us to be. We’ll built the state of the art medical facilities they go for in abroad in the villages for them, we’ll turn our local streams and lagoons to beaches and resort centers for them to see that it’s not in all cases that “what an old man sees sitting, a young person can’t see, even climbing a tree” as they’d always wanted us to believe. We’ll, with one of us, Alhaji Shetima Yerima leading and all of us supporting and working together let them know that we could solve our security challenges, while they laid back and concerned themselves with triviality, that we could solve our unity and patriotism problem, while they destroyed and tear us apart, drumming the ethnic and religious drum, we’ll show and let them know that it’s possible to have our power and every sector working if they’d not been siphoning our money and taking them away to go and develop, provide job for citizens and grow the economy of other countries, while our own people languish in poverty and delusion.

Now is the time, this is the opportunity, this is the call.  God has brought us all, the youth and the well-meaning Nigerian people to 2015 for this one singular reason, to do something differently from what our failed generational leaders had begot to us for once, which hasn’t helped our course as we can all see. We have to change the course of our lives and support truly one of us, the National President, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF), Alhaji Shettima Yerima, who on Tuesday, joined the presidential race as he declared his intention to vie for the presidency on the platform of Young Democratic Party (YDP).not those who would claim to be one of us when seeking for vote, and after that they’ll slip back into the destructive wicked secret society they belong to and swore to continue to impoverished and suffer Nigerian people and shame our country.

  Shetima is young, he has been feeling these pains as us all, I’ve heard him severally on Inspiration FM, Channels TV, and other medium, like Cheta of the Smoothly fresh of 98.1FM, Smooth FM, like Chuks, Zoe, Seun, and the others of 99.3FM, Nigeria Info, like you, like me and many of us, voicing out strongly without triviality and bias against these our current set of leaders and their approach and believe to what leadership is all about. This is our opportunity to make history and change things for us all, let’s seize it.

God bless Nigeria.

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