07 November, 2014


Have you made that call? Here’s what cristie told me From Mubi!
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In our last issue from the “echoes of wailings and lamentations from Mubi, the government’s and world silence’, we tried to awakened and triggered your sympathy emotions and advocate a little demonstrations of love by calling and standing by our fellow country men and women, family, love ones and anyone that you know that are ‘over there in Mubi, Adamawa State and other places, whose peace and safety had been disrupted by the dreaded Boko Haram insurgence. We brought to you in our previous eye witness reports, their experiences, sufferings, dead, families members separated from their families and the world and government’s neglect and silence. Remember the idea is to awakened in us the consciousness to live to our true essence and demonstrate a little act of love and let them know that they’re not alone, that we over here in our safe heavens are mindful of
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their sufferings and share in their tribulations and their unease
, that though we might not be able to share with them anything as per material things as the economic reality of the country that makes us work much and take less home wouldn’t let us, but a call, ‘a how are guys doing’ a pat in the back, a standing in the rain with them and squeezing their hands and assuring them that our supports are with them’ would go a long way in encouraging them to fight and stay alive. Now with the news that they’ve lost everything, the insurgence chasing and slaughtering them, the government’s troops in the attempt to bomb the terrorists, bombing their houses and destroying everything they have, the loss of documents, love ones, and assets worth billions of naira all gone, standing with them in their moments of needs, deprivation, loss and threat to life is all they’ve got and expecting from the world at a time like this, and we shouldn’t deny them that ( As Cristie told me, she was able to leave with only three dresses in her hand bag, considered lucky to others who were only lucky enough to escape with only their lives.)

Getting updated this morning again from Yola, (Not Yaba) the capital of Adamawa State, from the home of a good Samaritan’s sister of hers, who took her and over a hundred other displaced people from mubi, Gulak, Askira and other places displaces by the Boko Haram and military fighting in, Cristie told me of the love and ‘try’ her sister have demonstrated toward her and all the other people, she told me that they haven’t seen nor heard from her mother yet, though a guy that escaped through his teeth and just arrived yesterday told them that he saw her, where she was hiding in a Muslim’s neighbour’s home, near their house, which might be among those houses bombed early yesterday morning by government’s troops.
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She told me that their house had been bombed too and that they’ve got nothing left to go back to, even if the fighting stopped, she told me of a boy she knows that was shot point blank with his father and many others like that, while the women, (Mothers and sisters) were speared to go, she even told me of a suspected member of Boko Haram, who was all the while living with them in their compound, probably one of those who mapped out the city for the insurgence for easy takeover. All these Cristie told me the guy that escaped from Mubi, where he hid in a cave for days without food told them in the camp, after he arrived with some of the sisters and the mother of the boys that were killed with their fathers at point blank range because they’re Christians. I put a call to the guy, who chose to remain anonymous and he corroborated the reports.
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Do you know that most of us, with relations over there still haven’t made that call of life to these suffering people yet? they haven’t send their token to ameliorate these people’s sufferings and show them that they truly care, you just have to imagine what those people went, and are going through as Cristie told me to be able to appreciate why they need us and the love we can share with them. You mean you haven’t felt their pains, and stand in the rain with them yet? I want you to understand and know that your essence as human being is to be able to sympathise, empathise, and stand in the rain with your fellow humans, an emotion animals don’t have.

Are you searching for peace, joy, fulfillment in life, which can only come from your true essence as human? Try identifying with people in needs, today; the Mubi people, Gwoza, Finthim, and all others around you that you know, and those from those places where the insurgence and life issues have displaced and killed. Make that call of life, and show some love today to that friend, brother, sister, and everyone, even if you ain’t giving them money or anything, but just checking out on them alone would go a long way in assuring them that you understand.
God bless Nigeria, and Nigeria shall be great again:


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