11 November, 2014


The President and his vice Namadi Sambo
It was Tuesday, 11th, November 2014, at the Eagle Square, Abuja, the federal capital territory, the day the president, Dr.  Goodluck, Ebele,  Azikiwe, Jonathan appeared before the Nigerian people to present his score card and convince the people on why he considers himself qualify to stand for election for the second term in the 2015 presidential election, after he’d spend his first tenure, and the left over period of his late Boss, Alhaji, Musa Yar’Adua. The president, who with his wife, over the years, since he came to power had been so dishonourably criticized and made jest of for lacking in eloquent, and oratory ability by the opposition, the academia, the broadcast and prints media, not forgetting the comedians, the musicians and those that feels that it is nobody else but them alone, with their polish accented English, Harvard, and ‘silver spoon’ brought up and their kinds deserved to be president,  forgetting the common slogan and lyrics of the legendary, Robert Nester Marley AKA Bob Marley, which says “Who Jah bless no man curse” and the biblical revelation that stated that “He, (God) raises one from the dust, and give him a table with kings and princes” to the consternation of the critics club of Nigeria. So what you or anyone ‘gon’ do about that?
The president and the first lady, Dame Patience Jonathan acknowledging cheers from the crowd.

Marmot crowd at the Eagle's square in Abuja 
Today, on a day the President was supposed to turned up and do a whole lot of serious labouring to convince the ‘difficult to pleased and unsatisfied’ Nigerian public that he feels he has done enough to deserve a second shot at the country’s top job, considering the mix feelings across the nation about his competence, he decided to show up without his report card to the surprise of the examiner (Nigerian people) to the opposition I believe they might have had that gesture of ‘You see, didn't I tell you of the unserious nature of this fellow ?) to the concerned and allies, a fear that he might once again provide the opposing team with something to gloat about and score cheap political point against them, but to the president himself, a secret joker card, that might force his critics and those that thinks he doesn't gives speeches without reading from the book a second thought and fear into their camp. 

The president, taking to the podium spoke on virtually every aspect of his administration’s developmental projects for over thirty minutes without resorting to his note as he has done in time past. He spoke so eloquently well this time around on the e wallet fertilizer distribution to famers, which he said has eliminated corruption, to the railway, aviation, roads, education, agriculture, economy, the entertainment industry, and so much more, which he said he has done enough that needs to be complimented upon, thus his decision to seek second term. The part that trills me most was ‘the robot like’ acknowledgement of cheers that send the flowers raining from the sky, as he rotates round like a robot, being ‘remoted’ roouuunnd, rooounnd and round chai the thing sweet me die oo.
This performance by the president today I believe is the best and it might be the indication that good days and an action president await us come 2015 and beyond, and I also believe that it has also send a cold trepidation to his opponents, as they would be thinking now that Jona has gotten his mojo back. And as I rejoice and felt proud of the president’s wonderful delivery, what left to be seen, and am waiting is whether the president would come out, with his game, just like today and face whoever the opposition put up against him for the PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE!    

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