03 October, 2014


And I said “I love 9ja”
And she asked “What’s there to love in and about 9ja?”

I told her of the beautiful, happy, intelligence, smart, enthusiastic, hopeful, never giving up and industrious people of 9ja, I told her about you, me, Mama’n Ibrahim, Doctor Jafaru, Abubakar Jatau, Christopher Ekpeyong, Ikuku Bekedremoh, Adeyemo Babalola, Alkali Watam, Ejiekpe Anosike, Jamiu Rabiu, Tegra Keller, Rifkatu Mainasara, Nnabuife Chukwu Emeka, and all the other trilling people that lives in your backyard.

And she asked again,
“What sort of names are those?”
And I replied-
“Bredrenkedremi” She fought through her tongue trying to pronounce my friend, Bekredemoh’s name.
“B-e-ke-dre-moh” I corrected, stressing every bit of the name.
“What kind of person are you guys, didn’t you attend school?” I asked.
“I, we did?” She replied,
“Just that we’re not used to pronouncing such complicated, African names” She added.
“Se you see yourself, you go dey expect me to be able to pronounce your own names abi? Isn’t it the same learning system that you people introduced us to that we use in pronouncing your names, how comes you can’t pronounced ours?” I demanded.
“Mmmn, mmmn” She stammered.
Fellas those are the issues, the white people have made us to want to be like them that we’ve forgotten and have no knowledge of who we are, where we’re from and what we can do!

We’re Africans, we’re Nigerians, we have the capacity to govern ourselves and to inspire confidence, love, patriotic and to unite as one nation, one people and our brother keepers.
Bloodletting and taking of lives isn’t part of us until recently when we neglect the knowledge of who we are and started copying and accepting what they imposed and suggest that we should be.
Like the legendary Robert Nester Marley, AKA Bob Marley stated in the opening of one of his songs,
“We refuse to be what they wanted us to be, we’re what we are, that’s the way it’s going to be, if you don’t know! You can’t hesitate us”
I SAY “I LOVE 9JA” and they say
“What is there to love about 9ja?”
 And I say because, like one’s parents, you have no any other, nor can you use someone else to substitute them (your parents) I have no any other country than 9ja, so do you and Mama’n Ibrahim, Willigah, Wama, Baba Titus, Bankole, Krukrubor, Hamza, Rabiu, Degis, Ete Ini, Asuquo, Chidebere, and Biodun in USA, who hasn’t visited for over God knows how long! And  every one of you. And if you don’t, suck it up and love 9ja.

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  1. Great one and a call for consciousness and the reawakening of the need to be true to who we are.